How To Avoid Sleeping While Reading At Night.

When Exams is drawing closer a wise student that is determined to pass his or her exams and get high score must be ready to sacrifice his or her sleep just as we discussed in my last article on best time to start reading for Exam.

As you all know reading at night comes with a lot of obstacles such as the epileptic power supply we do experience, mosquitoes, cold etc but the worst enemy of night reading is sleep. Have you try waking up at night to read then all of a sudden sleep won’t allow you to read?

You are not alone in this trend, most students even in Tertiary institution face this challenge but what am about to share with you now will enable you to avoid and overcome night sleep even with minimum effort.

Try to sleep in the afternoon :

This is one of my techniques I have used over and over again, if you don’t sleep in the afternoon then be ready to overdose at night you can cheat nature, try and sleep lets say for 2 hrs during the day it will go a long way to enable you read at night with clear eyes.

Eat early :

Studies have shown it that eating late at night makes one to sleep long this usually aid digestion of food.

Dont eat heavy food before bed:

If you are a fan of garri, fufu, tuwo, beans please don’t eat it before going to bed.

Soak your feet in cold water :

Once you are up at night and still feel sleepy get a bowl of cold water and deep your feet into it.

Wash your face with water :

Wash your face with water this helps to eliminate stubborn sleep at night.

Chewing gums :

This one is an old technique but please get once that contain less sugar.

Chewing bitter cola :

This one too drives sleep away, an old method.

Brush your tooth :

This is my favorite because it makes me stay fresh at night, immediately you wake up let’s say by 1am brush and stay fresh while reading.

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