How To Study Late Night During Exams Without Feeling Sleepy

How To Study Late Night During Exams Without Feeling Sleepy

What is it with books and sleep and why do students find themselves trapped in this horrendous ‘ sleep attack’ when they are supposed to be studying?

Studies have revealed that one in 5 students will face this before very important assignments and poor results shall follow. The perils of sleeping right when you need to study can be really grave and you might end up fairing really really bad in your tests!

Considering that we generally tend to leave maximum studies for the last day before the exam, it becomes all the more important that you don’t doze off!

Here are some simple, interesting and doable study tips and tricks that can not only keep you awake to pull an all-nighter, but also in keeping alert and attentive, so that you can make most of your time and get good marks! Preparing yourself to study at late night without sleep would include steps throughout the day

1. No Physical Hard-Work – Staying awake all night long to study is related to individual’s stamina. From the beginning of the day, start saving your energy for late night studies that is required to withstand prolonged mental exertion. Promise yourself that you would not do anything that requires physical hard-work (extensive or slight) throughout the day. Talk less, move less and use phones or tabs less.

2. Healthy Breakfast – Start your day with food that is rich in proteins. Proteins are basically energy boosters, and whenever you need to give yourself a boost, you should eat protein-rich foods such as eggs, sprouts, low-fat cheese and so on. This way you are going to remain charged and focused for the next 24 hours. It is also important that you have light food at night, so that you don’t get overloaded and become sleepy.

3. Rest Your Body – Sleep loss takes a toll on energy and grasping power. It’s advisable that you sleep enough in the afternoon, so that your body has had enough rest for the night. You need to make sure that staying awake the entire night is absolutely important, otherwise, you might just be spoiling your sleep cycle in the time to come. Most of us are not able to concentrate on studies in the daytime, because we want our surroundings to absolutely quiet.

4. Sources of Distraction – Turn off all sources of distraction such as phones and messengers. It is essential that you create a place where you can concentrate on your studies. You have to make a conscious effort to concentrate and throwing your phone away is really an important first step.

5. List of Topics – Make a list of topics or lessons that are important to study because it’s almost impossible to cover entire course in one night. Keep this list in front of you entire night. Start with topics that are essential, you can enjoy and easy to understand for you; this is how you can keep yourself inspired the whole night. Leaving the less relevant topics for later is advisable.

6. Make It Interesting – It is essential that you keep rotating topics of studies throughout the night. This way monotony will not take over and you will be able to study more and more throughout the night. You can find more ways that work best for you to keep your interest in studies.

7. Write Important Points – Writing down important points will help in learning and understand them better and fast. This is why you should always keep a notebook and a pen ready. Headings and their sub-headings are most important points, so never miss them. You can also create a table of special terms or difficult words and a short note (of 3-6 words) before each of them.

8. Correct Posture – Yes, we know how much you will crave for your bed and a quilt by nightfall. But the fact is that you are simply inviting sleep this way. You need to sit in a proper chair and place your books on a table, so that your posture is attentive and alert, hereby avoiding sleep and helping you concentrate more.

9. Avoid Coffee – You are wrong if you think coffee will help you stay awake and attentive. Caffeine in the night time usually acts like a detonator for sleep. You should avoid coffee or energy drinks completely. You should rather drink a glass of water after every half hour or so. This keeps your body and mind fresh and active. This also means that you will need to go to washroom frequently, hence helps you stay awake!

10. Taking Short Breaks – Short Breaks of about 5-10 minutes after every hour or so will not only keep you awake, but also give your mind a refresh. In this break, you can try pacing across the room, splashing your face with water and stretching exercises. This will help in rejuvenating your mind and body, helping you to focus better.

All in all, you need to be prepared well, so that your ‘ all-night study routine ’ can be a success. As a safety note, you should avoid driving the following day as there is no trick that can keep a sleep-deprived person awake while driving. Consider a ride with a friend or take public transportation. GOOD LUCK, Students!

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