7 Reasons Why A Girl Should Not Ask A Guy Out

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– Our culture does not support a lady asking a guy out

Sometimes, it becomes very painful if the guy you like does not ask you out. of course, you would try to do things to get him to notice you. If he still does not, don’t be tempted to propose to him. Some reasons are because

Culture does not support it

Our culture does not support ladies asking a guy out. A guy asking a lady out is the old fashioned way.

It is also embarrassing

This is especially if the guy says no. How would you even be able to face him after? Then the matter would be worse if the guy is immature, as he would tell many people about it.

It screams desperation

It is only a desperate lady that would ask a guy out. I mean, it is a different thing if you tell a guy you have a crush on that you like him, but asking him out is extreme

It portrays her as loose


Most people believe that it is only a girl that is loose that can do such a thing.

The fear of rejection

Most times, the fear of rejection is actually worse than rejection itself. It would be very painful if your love advances get rejected by a guy.

He would blame you

If you ask him out, and he messes up, he would put the blame on you for asking him out.

You would miss out

There is no way asking a guy out can make you feel special. You would miss the thrill of having a guy woo you.

So while it is old fashioned for ladies to pose while the guys propose, it is still the only style accepted. Therefore, if you like a guy so much, wait for him to propose, the only problem is that you just might wait in vain if he does not have feelings for you.

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