EDE POLY: Students’ Union Gives Update On Resumption Date

The Students’ Union has released a statement that the resumption date for the Polytechnic is probable and it will be announced in no time.

According to the statement released by the students’ body said all students in the polytechnic should calm,  has the union are working and trying all possible best to return academic activities back to the campus,  and inform that they are in talk with the management over the issue that is hinder the progress of the academic activities of the institution.

The statement released was signed by the union President and public relations officer of the body. Read below;


Resumption date will be announced soonest

Fellow students of FPE!!!

We bring you solidarity greetings from the school’s Barrack of Aluta!

We feel your pain because your pain is our pain. We want all students to believe that this hard time shall pass and the troubles or today, we shall see them no more.

The leadership of the students’ union have been working, putting all hands on deck and as well met with the management today to ensure that normalcy is restored and resumption is announced in no time.

We have been doing our best to facilitate internal peace, accord and cooperation within the polytechnic and its community. We are doing this to assist and ascertain a sustainable and everlasting resumption of academic activities and itch free academic semester.

We use this medium to implore and appeal to the Academic Board of the school to reconvene soonest, and announce our resumption, for the interest of innocent students. Because having students out of the school has more cons than pros.

We as well appeal to all staff unions to ceasefire and embrace tranquility for the interest of the innocent and ever peaceful students of the school.

We believe that the Federal Polytechnic Ede (which has been the best) will be the best again.


We want all students to be rest assured that our resumption is probable and shall come soonest. Please soonest.

Aluta Continua!
Victoria Ascerta!

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