Is Change of Institutions/Courses One Payment for All or Separate Charges?

A UTME candidate who wanted to change his institutions and courses had just called me. He wanted to know whether he has to pay separate money for the change of course and another for change of institution.

In other words, this guy was aware that the change of institution/course form is N2,500 (excluding the N177.19 Remita charge). But he was not sure whether he has to pay that for each of alternation of institutions and courses or the money is meant for both.

Meanwhile, some cafes can be exploiting indeed. That’s why I want to drop you this short piece to help you out of this dilemma.

First, let’s see how JAMB perceives the changing of candidates’ data.

How JAMB Recognises UTME Data Correction and Payment

  1. Request to change your name is one thing.
  2. Request to change your gender is another thing
  3. Request to change your state and local government goes together
  4. Request to change your schools and courses goes together too.
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Hence, JAMB sees items 1 to 4 as an individual activity. In other words, the change in institutions and courses is just one activity.

Now, if a candidate wishes to correct the institution only, he pays for that as one item. If he changes two institutions, it’s still one item. In short, if he changes all the four institutions, it’s still one time.

What if he decides to choose another course for an institution? That’s still an item. In fact, if he changes all the courses for the four institutions, it’s still one item.

Finally, if a candidate changes any of the institutions and courses at the same time, it’ still one item. And if he corrects all 4 institutions together with the four courses, it’s still an item.

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Therefore, making any or multiple changes among your schools and courses will only be an item. Then, you pay only N2,500 for that not N2,500 for individual changes.

There’s a point to note though.

Changing Institutions/Courses the Second Time

If you do a change or some changes now and submit. That’s one payment! If after, you wish to change the same thing or another thing among your courses or schools, you’ll have to pay another N2,500.

And note as well that, you can now change your institutions and/or courses more than two times.

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Let’s see how your change of data page looks like for further clarification.

JAMB Change of institution form

In the picture above, the candidate has made the payment. Now, he has three options to use the payment for.

He can use it for change of name, change of state/LGA, or change of institution/courses.

Once, he uses it for one of the options, he will need a new payment to change any of the other options available.

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