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Dota 2 Betting Tips: How to Make Money Playing the Popular Esport

Dota 2 is without a shadow of a doubt the most viewed and popular esports games at this time. Fact. There are now a ton of opportunities available for every esports bettor hoping to earn a few bucks thanks to the rapid growth of different esports markets for betting.

We hope that this Dota guide for betting will provide you with a bit of useful advice so you could start your Dota 2 betting journey. There are plenty of Dota markets out there, and gamblers betting on esports have access to an extensive range of available odds, especially on trustworthy platforms such as BetWinner — .

Best Tips to Improve Betting on Dota 2

Watch As Much Dota As Possible

You can learn a lot about tournaments, contests, and all the teams participating by regularly watching Dota. You’ll understand how it’s best to bet with Dota and this knowledge will be helpful for the present betting markets like match winners or handicap betting, among others.

We really believe that as you view more Dota, your betting skills in the area will improve gradually. After all, that’s what we’re here for, isn’t it?

Check the Teams & Their Stats

We advise checking out both contending teams if there’s an interest in placing a wager on a certain Dota match. Overall team performance is important in every Dota match, as players on a very good run will try to keep it up.

Team shape is not the only thing we mean when we tell to research the players taking up the challenges. Consider the Dota tactics and game styles of the players. The style as well as what they intend to accomplish initially is going to be planned out by teams in advance. Your strategy when betting on Dota may be enhanced, for instance, if one side instantly launches an assault while the other team first develops its defensive tactics. In this case, we suggest looking into marketplaces for “first blood,” or a similar outcome.

Do Your Research on Dota 2 Tournaments

Your experience when betting on Dota will undoubtedly improve if you also take some time to gain knowledge about the upcoming Dota events and contests that happen all year long. The more familiar you are with esports competitions, such as when they’ll be taking place and what teams are going to be competing, the more probable it is you’ll wager wisely on Dota.

Additionally, it is always worthwhile to research several bookies to determine which of them have access to provide specific Dota odds for the events. As long as you’re informed of the future competitions, you can better choose the games to wager on.

Look Into Live Bets

There are lots of markets with live betting accessible for you to participate in, and Dota is no exception in this regard. It’s excellent news because many bookies will provide in-play options.

With placing live bets, you can change your course of action as it’s happening, allowing you to be more involved in the game. As a terrific method to learn about betting on esports while continuing to watch as well as enjoy your favorite esports events, the live betting option is quickly gaining popularity within the esports community of bettors. If you’re interested in wagering on Dota, it’s absolutely worthwhile to check into.

Plan Out Your Strategy

You get to have more control with your bets in case you prepare and develop your overall betting strategy that will be essential when making any bets. In addition to that you’ll have a clearer idea of what path you wish to follow and go forward accordingly.

Anyone’s betting will profit from having good betting instincts. Still, for any of it to have success, it has got to be supported by sound judgment and good knowledge from the person. If you possess all of these qualities, you can put them to good use while developing your strategy when betting on Dota.

Some Don’ts When Betting on Dota 2

Don’t Use Opinions for Your Strategies

Naturally, some individuals have their theories, and others online will support their positions with substantial data and proof. Others, however, just believe whatever they are doing without any evidence to support it.

Don’t Base Anything on Assumptions

No assumptions should be made while betting on basically any market, including Dota or other esports expecting what is assumed to happen or not happen.

Being prudent and taking enough time to examine the facts is considerably safer than basing your strategies on assumptions.

Don’t Get Emotionally Involved

You must make all wagers with a very clear head as well as a collected, calm, and controlled demeanor. Your own views will take control if you’re emotionally distraught and will undermine whatever plan you may have. Nobody wants that.

Your decisions are going to be considerably more successful in your Dota Dota 2 when you’re calm.


You and the betting strategy you choose for Dota 2 betting are both going to greatly profit from using the available live betting choices on bookmaker websites. Live streams of the Dota 2 matches in high definition available for free together with markets for placing live bets can greatly enhance your complete Dota 2 betting experience.

If you wish to put wagers on numerous Dota 2 events which are all in the same tournament, you’ll have the option to view the games in real time as well. This may also be true for entire tournaments.

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