Unbelievable Sight: Lady Holds on to Moving Truck to Cross Flooded Road

Lady causes buzz on street as she spotted holding on to a moving truck to cross a flooded road.

The lady was apparently on her way to a location when desperation made her do the unthinkable.

To avoid the flooded road that was swarming with cars and tricycles, the lady utilized one of the cars to get to her destination.

She was seen holding her bag and simultaneously holding on to the moving vehicle.

Passersby were seen staring and pointing at her in shock.

Some opine that her action was both risky and unladylike.

Read some comments below:

hopeisaac said: “That’s a big red flag”

nwaobianoziee said: “Definitely Lagos”

omex_praise said: “At least she don cross the water”

iniabasi441 said: “Abeg wetin person go chop this afternoon”

adeniyimyow said: “This is ogba going to area G police that Mobil station nah hell fire dey can’t do anything on it death zone”

dnoblenenye said: “This must be their almighty Lagos”

mataniazfabrics said: “When you are going to office and you don’t want to get wet”

onyinye_joy3030 said: “But honestly speaking I wid rather become 2mins spiderman dan to put my legs inside dat water it’s irks me out”

Watch the video below:

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