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Deborah Roberts Bio, Age, Husband, Children, Salary, Net Worth

is an American television journalist for the ABC News division of the ABC broadcast television network.

Deborah Roberts

Deborah Roberts is an American television journalist for the ABC News division of the ABC broadcast television network. Roberts was born in Perry, Georgia to Benjamin Roberts, a business owner, and Ruth Roberts, a housewife. She graduated from the Henry W. Grady College of Journalism in 1982. In 1992, Roberts was awarded the University of Georgia Distinguished Alumnus Award for her rapid success as a journalist.

Full name Deborah Roberts
Nationality American
Date of birth 20th September, 1960
Age 62 years old
Husband Al Roker
Career Television Journalist
Net Worth $10 million

Deborah Roberts Age

How old is Deborah Roberts? Deborah Roberts was born on 20th September, 1960 in Perry, Georgia in the United States. She is currently 62 years as of March 2, 2023. She is growing quite well and is still glued to her career. She would turn 63 on September 20, 2023. She is at the peak of her age but still strong and fit for her career. This woman is doing well that is to do with or in terms of her health. She isn’t by any situation reported being ill before so this shows that she is fine and is keeping her eye on her health.

Deborah Roberts Early Life

Roberts resides in Manhattan with her husband Al Roker, whom she married in September 1995. They are one big happy and are well-to-do.

Nothing is known as to whether she has siblings or not. She isn’t a secretive type all though, but she hasn’t made it available for the media to know whether she has siblings or not. She is as now the only daughter and child of her parents who is known by the general public.

During her educational stages, she did all in her power to stay at the top. Roberts worked hard and, she burnt the night candles just to see herself through and get to the destination she wants for herself. Some vital information about herself has been kept from the media. Hmm, it seems she sometimes wants to live a private life and is comfortable with that.

She is a product of the University of Georgia and she is well-honored there. Roberts became prominent somewhere in 1982 and afterward, she has been on top and is doing her best to do so. She is currently 62 as of March 2, 2023. She is believed to turn 63 years in 2023 but on September 20.

Deborah Roberts Height and Weight

She hasn’t made that available to the media yet. she has decided to keep some vital information about herself a secret. She has quite a good height which is seen in pictures she has and had been uploaded. The American journalist has kept a low profile and has and won’t want to share anything about her private life. She has only made it available to only her family and relatives so anyone not related to her family. She is doing well for herself as of now and is focused on her career and family.

Deborah Roberts Nationality and Ethnicity

Deborah was born and raised in the United States and Perr, Georgia to be precise. She has stayed in almost her whole life in the United States. Deborah is an American by birth and a proud citizen of the States. No information is known about her belief and that is to do with the religion she joins. Rumors have it that, she is a Christian but it hasn’t been confirmed yet. Talking about her ethnicity, she is thought of as coming from a family of mixed ethnicity. She is a Black American and is thought of as having African descent.

Deborah Roberts Career

Deborah Roberts is an American journalist who has attained a name for herself through her career field as a journalist. She started her career somewhere in 1982 and after then has been in the limelight. She is well-known for her contribution to the BC broadcast network. She is one of the best students back from university and didn’t end there, she rather reflected that same vibe in her career field.

As a matter of fact, she has attained awards as a result of her career as a journalist and reporter. The University of Georgia has presented her award for the best successful career. Apart from this, she has won several awards including taking an Emmy Award and also a Clarion Award.

Deborah Roberts Husband

Who is Deborah Roberts Married Too? Deborah Roberts is married to Al Roker. They got married in September 1995. The actual fun about their wedding is that Roberts gets to celebrate her birthday and wedding anniversary at the same time since she celebrates her birthday in September and they also married in September.


Deborah Roberts Children

Does Deborah Roberts Have Children? Deborah is a mother and wife. Deborah has a stepdaughter from her husband’s prior marriage. Altogether, she has three children to her credit.

Deborah Roberts Net Worth

Deborah Roberts is an American television journalist who has a net worth of $10 million. According to the sources, the annual salary of Deborah Roberts is estimated to be around $300,000-$500,000 annually.

She is believed to have a good financial status. She is also believed that she is living lavishly. She is a television journalist and it is known and believed that the major source of her income.


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