10 Signs you’re in love with the wrong person

A relationship is meant to improve your life, make you more happy, help you to think right and even help you to focus on things that are yet to come.

Sometimes uncertainities in a relationship seem to be normal, but immediately you start having too many doubts in your relationship, then that raises a red flag that something just isn’t right about your relationship.

Love can be blind as most people do enter into a relationship on the basis of beauty and other physical appearance.

When you fall in love with soemone because of his or her physical looks alone without considering the other parts like the behaviour, just don’t expect the relationship to work out fine.

However, when you start having doubts and seeing the reason to be cautious in your relationship, then you need to know that these are part of the signs that there is something shaky about your relationship.

Listed below are the clear signs that you are dating the wrong person.

1. Both of you are constantly fighting each other

Arguements and misunderstanding is bound to occur once in a while but when it comes down to fighting each other every minute, then that raises a signal that the person is not meant for you as it it’s definitely a sign of incompatibility.

Sometimes, they say it is always good to disagree in order to agree but when you disagree without coming close to an agreement, then the disagreement becomes useless and irrelevant.

2. When both of you don’t share the same lifestyle

In a relationship, both partners must be able to agree in some certain aspect of life.
If you are the kind of person that loves to stay in door and you are dating someone that loves to party and club all night without bringing you into the picture, then you should know the relationship isn’t just right for you.

3. When both of you don’t share similar interest

Some ladies loves to watch movie while their partner prefer wacthing football, which is typical of all men.
Everyone can’t have the same interest, but there is a problem if your partner can’t find reasons to be part of your interest whenever it is called for.

4. When your partner cannot show you to friends

You should know it’s time to bounce out of a relationship if your partner can not be proud enough to show you to his or her friends. It’s a sign that he or she doesn’t love you, and the relationship is just there to pass away time.

5. When both of you can’t envisaged a future together

It’s better to stop wasting your precious time and move out of a relationship before it will be too late when you can see clearly that you don’t have a future with your partner in a relationship.

Both partner msut have dreams and be able to come together to achieve those dreams.

6. When Everything Reovolves Around Him

As a lady, when you start to see the signs that he only wants to have evrything to himself, he makes decision without involving you, he disregards your own opinion, then you should know that the relationship is just isn’t right for you.

Decisions and opinions should be of mutual agreement, but when he start being authoritative about everything, it’s surley a clear sign he is not the one for you.

7. He always try to change you

You are not meant to change yourself for the sake of a relationship.
Even if you have a bad attitude, you can only be talked to and you should be given adequate time and space to adjust.

You should always try to be yourself and your partner should be ready to love you for who you are and not trying to change you.

8. Being unhappy in a relationship

When you don’t find any reason to be happy in a relationship, then it is time to call it quit and move on. Unhappiness in a relationship simply mean the relationship is not meant to be.

A relationship is meant to make you more happy and enhance your life. Once this is not there, there is no point all staying with someone you are not always happy with.

Other signs that you are dating a wrong person includes:

9. When you don’t feel comfortable around him.

10. When he exhaust you emotionally rather than energizing you.

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