Bella Okagbue’s Statement Sparks Speculations About Her Clinginess

Popular reality star, Bella Okagbue has garnered reactions online as she reveals she is neither a needy nor clingy person, shares the one thing she never forgets.

Bella disclosed on the microblogging platform, X that she rarely requests much from people since she doesn’t possess a clingy personality.

However, when someone fails to show up whenever she needs them the most, she never forgets.

In her words: “I barely request much from people, I’m not a needy or a clingy person but once you can’t show up for me when I need you the most? I’ll never forget about it.”

Some netizens speculated that she was subtly referring to her boyfriend, Sheggz.

Read reactions below:

waleed said: “Sorry dear i will talk to sheggz to fix up his bad attitude”

mujidat wahab said: “Are you like that towards them too? If yes then your write up is justified mam”

BIG DAURAQ said: “Breakfast ya werey gan 😅😅😅”

Abomooh advised: “People might fail to show up for very valid reasons, you will need to listen to their side before cutting them off”

Hardaykunley asked: “Big Bella hope everything is okay?”


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