Age Gap Dating: Does age matter in a relationship when the woman is older?

This is what most people fail to understand in terms of love. Age is just a number, maturity is what really matters in a relationship. The heart wants what the heart want. we really can’t help with whom we grow inlove with. Love doesn’t care if someone is older or younger but we certainly do.

Society holds a very nagative stigma on age differences, which causes people to obsess over it and that’s why when we start developing feelings for someone outside of our age bracket, we think our feelings are wrong.

Maybe she’s 30 and you’re 20, but she is just confused about her life as you are about yours. it might be scary having a 10years difference in a relationship. for the fact you both are experiencing similar things in life with maturity, I don’t see why that number should stop the blossoming between two love birds.

Of course, she has see more days on earth than you do but that doesn’t mean she understands where she stands in life than you do. If you both wants the same thing in a relationship, then you have to settle half the battle. Just like couple who are the same age, if you aren’t of the same page then things will just be difficult.

I don’t believe the talk that says”with age comes maturity”. MATURITY comes with understanding and experience. Experience happen to people at different times in life, causing some to grow up faster or slower than the norm.

One can be 15yrs old with a mindset of 33yrs old or even play more than the 33yrs old.

Maturity and love is really what you should look on and not a number. Don’t close yourself off base on age. Just because someone is in a certain age doesn’t mean he or she fit a certain status.

Allow love to work it’s mysterious magic if you find yourself having a special connection with someone who is older or younger than you. Explore it and let it grow beautifully. maturity matters alot in a relationship. I rest my case! AGE IS JUST A NUMBER

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