Five Deadly Common Mistakes Guys Make While Approaching A Girl

As long as you approach with confidence, trigger the girl’s feelings of attraction and then stay in there until you get a result, you will succeed on most approaches you make.

However, not all guys get it right. Here’s where they often go wrong…

1. Entering the comfort zone of an unknown girl: Apart from a formal handshake at the time of introduction, never touch her or enter her comfort zone. Understand that she is totally unaware who you are so simple go with a funny and interesting conversation.

2. Never approach when your are drunk: Going drunk to her can be sign that you are going to be dumped immediately. Never even think to approach her in this way. This all stuffs may be working in movies, but in real life there is no place for such an act. You will be either slapped or thrown out of the club.

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3. Having no plan to execute: A plan is important at the time when you are conversing with the girl. Suppose the girl signals you that she is interested and you have know plan how to start the conversation and how to finally get her number. Well, it is not at all necessary to have a plan, but this may increase your chance to get her number and later hangout with her.

4. Perverting your image in front of the girl: When a girl is having a conversation, don’t ruin the chance to be with her. Look at her face and eyes at the time you are talking to her. If you lower your vision to her breasts, she is definitely going to notice that. So avoid trying to be a pervert, instead act as a gentlemen because your first impression is the last one.

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5. Using pickup lines: Surveys with girls have shown that they are less likely to react to a person who uses a pick up line to approach her. Even relationship experts recommend to refrain from using such lines for your first conversation.

So what you learn from these tips? Girls like confidence and you need to be a confident person before approaching her. Also remember not to make any above mistakes that can make her uncomfortable. So whichever tip you liked use it in the next party.

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