8 Tips For Those Moments When You Don’t Want To Give Him Your Phone Number

When a guy is interested in you, but you have no interest in him, you just know that the moment is at hand when he’s going to ask you for your number.

You could just get straight to the point, and tell him to get lost, but most people are a little kinder than that!

Here’s ten ways that you can avoid giving a guy your number, without completely deflating his ego.

1. Tell him you are safety conscious

It’s never a good idea to give your phone number out to strangers and he won’t be offended if you tell him that you never do. If you use this excuse, at least, he won’t feel singled out for rejection, even if the real reason is that you can’t stand the guy.

2. Give him a false number

It only takes one wrong digit and you’ve completely thrown him off the scent! He goes away happy, thinking he’s going to call you tomorrow, and you go away with a knowing grin on your face.

3. Give him your email address instead

If you tell him that you often have your phone switched off, so it would be easier if he emailed you, then at least he can’t pester you with calls. If becomes a nuisance with emails, then simply mark as spam, and you’ll never have to see an email from him again.

4. Tell him you have a jealous boyfriend

Even if you don’t have a boyfriend, this should get him to lay-off. Make it even more convincing, and tell him your boyfriend is the jealous type and, oh by the way, he’s also an ex-marine with anger management issues.

5. Ask him for his number

Just tell him that it would easier for you to call him and ask for his number. You might never want to call him at all, but you’ve let him down gently with this one, and it will get him off your back.

6. Tell him you don’t have a phone

Tell him how you hate modern technology and that you think the age of instant communication is an evil development. Not only will you not have to give him your number, you’ll probably scare him away too!

7. Tell him that you don’t know your number

You could always pretend not to have your phone with you and to not know your own number. You wouldn’t be the first person who doesn’t know their own number. After all, how often do you have to call yourself?

8. Just tell him ‘no’

If he really won’t take a hint, then you have no choice but tell it how it is. Seriously, you should never give out your number to someone you aren’t sure about, so look him straight in the eye, and tell him firmly, no.

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