7 Types Of Toxic People You Need To Kick Out Of Your Life

We are known by the company we keep, but what if our company consists of a few negative people who are rubbing their negativity off on us? It’s time to reevaluate the people around you, bad people are everywhere and their presence and energy just brings everyone else down.

Here’s a list of seven types of people you need to immediately kick out of your life. Let’s begin.

7. The naysayers

We all know of one person who perfectly matches this description. A “naysayer” will bring you down more than you can imagine. Their only purpose in life is to shun every idea you throw their way, they will slowly make you rethink your life’s most important decisions and will make you start questioning your goals and ambitions.

Don’t keep such people around you, you need to have people who appreciate what you do and try to motivate you even more in everything, don’t keep naysayers around.

6. The “impossible to please”

I’ve had such person in my life, someone who is just impossible to please no matter what you do for them. These sort of people are so fed up of life and the concept of happiness that nothing in the world can make them happy or please them. They just make everyone else sad around them and they can’t see anyone enjoy their lives. Don’t get me wrong, life isn’t just one happy ride, it has ups and downs, but those who concentrate and cherish the ups are the people who go ahead in life.

The people who concentrate and get sad about the downs are the ones who won’t go too far ahead in life.

5. The drama queens

I personally hate drama, creating drama is one of the most useless ways to waste time, there is nothing to gain from drama and people just get hurt in the end. But some people LOVE drama, some people just don’t feel right unless they create or witness drama around them and they love to gossip.

You need to keep kind and pure people around you, people who truly care, who don’t feed on the agony and sorrow of others and are just happy with their own lives.

People who worry more about the latest rumor or the latest fight someone had are the same people who don’t have lives of their own to begin with, it’s best to keep a safe distance from such people. You definitely don’t want such people around.

4. The liars

People who love to lie are the same people who will never find true happiness or true love in life, because they don’t know the meaning of anything being “true” since they’re so used to lying. They don’t have a true identity, they are impossible to read and they always get away with lying.

Don’t get me wrong, everybody lies every now and then, but no one should just love lying and live by it, that’s wrong on so many levels.

Be around people who would rather tell the truth and face the consequences than those people who just love to lie and hide things only to save their names, these sort of people also love blaming others for their own mistakes, you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

3. The “changers”

“Changers” is a term I coined myself for people who love to change others around them, the sort of people who just can’t accept others the way they are and always try their best to change them according to their own definitions. You need to be around people who love you and accept you the way you are, who try to change your bad habits but openly and happily accept the good in you, don’t be around people who are just never happy with the person you are because those are the people who will never learn to cherish you no matter how much you change.

You need to love yourself and you need to be around people who love you for who you are and not what you can be changed into.

2. The unforgiving

These are the people who love to see you suffer for your mistakes (regardless of how big or small the mistake is), they’ll just never forgive you no matter how much you plead or beg. You’ll actually be making them happier by pleading, so just don’t. These are the people who just don’t cherish your friendship enough and would much rather let their egos take control of their lives. To forgive someone is one of the purest things you can do, and those who don’t do it have too much negative energy within them to let them see reason.

Friends fight, friends make mistakes, we are all human, it is only human to make mistakes and it is only human to forgive. Let go of the unforgiving.

1.The voice in your head

The last person you need to kick out of your life is your own inner critic. Sometimes, we develop so much negativity within ourselves that we slowly start becoming our worst enemies, we slowly have a voice inside our heads that keeps bringing us down and keeps depressing us. Kick that voice out of your head and bring some positivity within your self, you are your biggest critic and sometimes that critic can go a little overboard.

It’s perfectly normal to criticize yourself every now and then, but not when it becomes unhealthy to the level where it starts affecting the way you look at life.

Question of the day

How many negative people have you had in your life? Is there a type I missed out? Share your feelings with me in the comments below. As always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!

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