7 Simple Signs To Know She’s Taking You For A Ride

Girls are constantly in a situation where they have no idea of where they stand in the relationship.

They don’t know if the guy is in it for the long haul, for physical benefits (meh) or just to brag to his male friends.

We have all been in a situation like that. Sadly, it happens to the men too. Take a scenario where a guy bags a beautiful girl. His dream girl and I say that very matter-of-fact-ly! But then, the red flags begin to pop up one after the other and it dawns on the guy that she may not be in it for the long haul. For her, that’s just another average John to take for a ride while she awaits oh-my-God-he’s-everything-John…

Dear man reading this, there’s no need to be with someone who is taking you for a ride. Dump her ass and move on to someone who actually appreciates you and treats you like the caring and kind gentleman you are.

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Here are signs that you’re being taken for a ride:

1. She’s flaky a.f

You make plans but she constantly flakes on you. To her, you’re the last minute guy. She will only meet up with you when her better plans don’t work out.

2. She never takes photos with you

Well don’t get me wrong. There are many reasons as to why some girls choose not to share too much of their personal life on social media such as to keep their private life private but if your girl doesn’t even take photos of the two of you at least to store in her phone, eer something is a miss.

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3. You have never been to her place

You have an idea of where she lives or perhaps not; but you have never been there. She’s never invited you cause she doesn’t want you to pop in whenever you can. She’s not close to you that way, yet.

4. You have never met any of her friends

The closest you have ever gotten to her friends and family is through ‘Friends you may know’ on Facebook. You only hear about all these partying shenanigans with ‘the girls’ whom you’re yet to meet. The reason why you haven’t met her friends is because you’re not the one for her.

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5. She introduces you as ‘her friend’

If a girl is in a committed relationship, she will introduce you as her partner, boyfriend, man etc…if she introduces you as her friend. That’s all you are to her. If you both want different things, you might want to move on to someone that actually wants to be in a relationship with you before you get too attached and heart broken.

6. She never talks about the future with you

Cause she doesn’t see one with you …

7. She has saved your number on her phone as an alias

‘She doesn’t give a rat’s ass about you son!

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