7 Life Lessons I Have Learned About Love & Relationships

These are not lessons I read from a book. It’s wisdom I have acquired through blood and tears.

Those I applied brought me joy. Those I broke, broke my heart. And those who broke them against me, I’m still trying to forgive. Lol.

Just kidding. On a serious note, love is no joke at all. It is a call to the highest level of character and selflessness that oftentimes many of us fall short of.

I am persuaded these 7 lessons will serve you in your quest to become a better lover.

1. Often we fall in love with haste. But it takes patience to stay in love. Men especially must learn that it takes infinite patience to love a woman.

2. As soon as a partner begins to introduce threats, conditions, ultimatums in a relationship, it is the beginning of the end. Love is unconditional. If you cannot genuinely love a person whilst praying that they improve in one area or the other, don’t waste their time.

3. Pride is the greatest obstacle to love. Pride is what causes unforgiveness. It stops you from admitting you are wrong. It never says I’m sorry.

4. No matter what else you do, if you are always complaining or criticizing your partner, they never feel truly loved. It tells them you think they are not good enough.

5. Nothing makes a man feel loved more than respect. Nothing makes him feel threatened than disrespect. People say men don’t like strong women. No. Men don’t like disrespectful women. You can be strong without being disrespectful.

6. Selfish people cannot love. If you are constantly demanding for things without giving back, it kills love. The other person feels used not loved.

7. Lying weakens relationships. Lies, no matter how small, create doubts in the heart of your partner. They begin to second-guess everything you till them and sometimes the relationship never recovers.

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