7 Biggest Mistakes That Jealous People Make

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Have you ever heard of someone who is jealous of who you love? Almost everyone jealous uses this maxim to defend themselves against the exaggerations they commit.

Check the top 7 mistakes that jealous people commit and how they can destroy the relationship.

We all feel jealous to some degree, however, when it passes the measure becomes something pathological.

Some people are affected by such a violent feeling of jealousy that they need psychological counseling to deal with constant mistrust.

It is very difficult to maintain a healthy relationship with the need to control the other.

Jealousy passes from what is considered normal when it prevents the jealous person from performing other day-to-day activities like working, for example.

Get to know the mistakes of jealousy better and try to identify those bad attitudes in yourself or others.

1. They are always in search of evidence

Something curious about pathological jealousy is that in fact many want, even if unconsciously, that the other betrays.

The jealous’s head acts like a machine whose gears work exclusively to catch some suspicious phrase in the air, some facial expression of the other that denotes a possible betrayal among other evidence that can be turned into evidence.

The partner is losing the taste of standing next to a person who thinks all the time being cheated.

All the conversations invariably fall into phrases such as “you do not love me more so I answered so-and-so’s message” or “you changed after you went out with your friends.”

In such situations the partner should set limits on charges.

2. Jealous people promise changes

At times the partner gets tired of the scenes of jealousy and threatens to end the relationship, the jealous who is afraid of losing the loved one promises that he will change.

This is one of the mistakes that jealous people commit because they know that this is a feeling that can not be changed from one moment to another.

Jealousy did not arise instantly so that it needs to be worked properly so that it can be left in the past.

In many cases it is necessary to have psychological support.

Being willing to change is great, but you can not promise to do it overnight.

3. Making betrayals

Jealous people have extremely corrosive thoughts in which they see the partner cheating.

For example, when a couple needs to make a trip to work, they are the target of innumerable fantasies in which they are seeing other people.

Betrayal happens in the imagination of the jealous, but the situation is so concrete that it is understood as real.

Usually the jealous tries to confront the pair with these imaginary situations trying to get a confession.

Few people can cope with this behavior and this restriction of their freedom.

Once you realize the power of the jealous fantasy the pair may end up deciding to leave.

4. Choking partner

Jealousy has the desire to be present all the time in the thoughts and life of the loved one to prevent it from being interested in another person.

In this attempt of omnipresence, the jealous person ends up choking the pair without realizing it.

When jealousy comes to guide the attitudes of a person in a relationship, it ends up losing the empathic capacity to put oneself in another’s place, not understanding why the other asks for space.

The most common consequence of this type of situation is the termination of the relationship because the other person feels so pressured that even loving the partner does not have the emotional structure to proceed.

The target of jealousy may try to talk to the jealous person, but it is not always possible to make the person see clearly their own mistakes.

5. Explode in front of third parties

The embarrassment of having an intimate fight in front of other people can cause the partner to move away.

Usually, the jealous man tries to control the feeling of wounded pride for some time, but there comes a time when these situations are added, creating the explosion.

The partner does not understand why there is a reaction of such a dimension and this can make the moment worse.

When the moments of quarrels and discussions leave the private to the public can be a good reason for the pair to leave this relationship.

The jealous should understand that talking to the other person is the best solution.

6. To claim that pathological jealousy is love

The main problem of maintaining a relationship with a jealous person is that they will hardly recognize that they have a problem.

The idea that jealousy indicates love needs to be fought, for nothing that does evil can be a sign of that feeling.

When it becomes unsustainable to maintain the relationship with the jealous because of its toxic behavior it is best to leave the relationship.

7. Attempting to draw attention in the wrong way

Jealousy in many cases is nothing more than a way of trying to catch the attention of the other.

However, fights, ice and unpleasant moments will not have exactly the expected effect.

Over time the jealous person no longer knows how to get the attention of the other and may end up taking more extreme actions.

Before the relationship becomes abusive, it is up to the partner to talk to set limits and help the other to seek help.

Now that you know the major mistakes jealous people make you can already be more attentive to the quality and wholesomeness of their relationships.

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