6 Signs You Are Wasting Your Time on Him

You have finally found your soulmate (at least you believe so) and everything seems alright, but you feel like your ‘potential hubby’ is not in the same game. Brushing off all of his flaws or pretending you are happy together is just steal your precious time.

They say, it is better to be single than in a wrong relationship. Those words make sense, girls. While you are planning a fabulous future together and how many kids you will have, he is probably racking his brains trying to figure out the most effective way to run away from you. Be the first to do it.

If your relationship does not feel right and you will notice any of these red flags, do not be the one in denial. Take actions and appreciate your time and nerves.

1. He is stuck in the past

Many of us have experienced failed relationships and dealt with broken heart, but this does not mean we should dwell on the past mistakes. If your boyfriend never stops discussing his exes, he is totally stuck in the past. You cannot build a future with someone who lives in the past, right? If he has trouble moving on, no matter how hard you try to help him, maybe it is better to find a guy who lives in the present yet strives for a happy future.

2. You have trust issues

Any kind of relationship is built on trust and respect. If your relationship is not founded on trust and you are tired of playing where-is-my-boyfriend game, it is time for you to move on. Dating a liar is not worth your time. Stop questioning his every move. You have many other things to do and think about, don’t you?

3. Your relationship is more physical than emotional

When it comes to a successful relationship, sex plays a minor role. You and your boyfriend should understand, support and feel each other. Both of you should take time to listen to each other. If he regards you as his possession that he can use whenever he wants it, this is definitely a red flag. When building your next relationship, make sure it is emotional and physical at the same time.

4. You are the only one to take the initiative

Date night? Yes, I will organize it. Road trip? I will plan it. Movie night? I will pick a movie and make some snacks. Does it sound familiar to you? Are you the only one to take the initiative in your relationship? The bad news is you are dating the wrong person who actually does not care about you.

5. He avoids future talks

Every happy couple discusses the future they are going to spend together. It is not about wedding and honeymoon. It is about living happily together. If he avoids future talks and says that it is too early to think about future, say goodbye to him, lady. Trying and fighting to save the relationship that has no future is a waste of time and effort.

6. You feel like something is wrong

Relationships can be complex at times. Couples fight, face difficulties, survive hard times and solve their problems together. This is obvious. However, if you feel like you two live absolutely different lives and each of you focuses on different things, perhaps you have nothing in common. He lives his own life. You follow your own priorities. Unfortunately, this relationship craves the ending.

One day, all these warning signs might push you further away from your partner, regardless of how much you love him. If he does nothing to make you feel loved, wanted, happy, beautiful, and special, there is no sense in maintaining your relationship.
Stop denying the truth. Acknowledge the problem. Confront your partner and decide if there is the tiniest chance to save your relationship and if it is worth your time.

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