3 Simple Ways to Know Original Honey

The world is going all natural and many people are leaving sugar to go the healthy way. One of the healthy alternatives is honey but there are a lot of adulterated honey in the market which can harm the body system.

Knowing whether that honey you want to buy is the original raw honey or not is very important and in this article, we shall be opening your eyes to things to look for in order to know if that honey is original or fake.

1. The Honey-Water Test : before purchasing your honey, it is your right to demand its authenticity. You can carry out this easy test by pouring some amount of room temperature water in a clean glass cup, pour few drops of honey into it. If the honey dissolves before getting to the base of the cup, it is an indication that the honey is diluted. A pure honey will remain the same even till it get to the base and you will then use a spoon to stir.

2. The Honey-Match Test: this is also an easy and quick test to carry out to know a pure honey. Here you will need to put a few drops of honey in a plate or any surface, dip a matchstick inside, wait a few minutes then strike the matchstick if it lits, your honey is pure but if not it is diluted

3. The Honey-Paper Test: all you need for this particular test is an A4 paper and your honey sample. Pour few drops of honey on the paper , wait for like two minutes then check if the paper becomes wet. If it is wet, your honey is not pure.

These tests really do not cost you anything, but rather, it will save you from consuming what can harm your body system.

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Alamu Tosin

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