10 Ways To Keep Flirting Fun In The Time Of Social Distancing Dating

Social distancing dating can feel like you’re trying to go swimming wearing a winter coat and ski boots. The two just don’t seem to work that well together.

But the Coronavirus is still very much part of our lives and will be for the foreseeable future, so if finding romance is something on your mind, it’s time to put your toe in the water and get ready to jump in. There are ways to make social distancing and dating work in your favor!

As a dating and relationship coach, over the last few months, I’ve seen many people make meaningful connections and start falling in love. They were able to do this by learning and mastering new dating skills and techniques, and one of those is reimaging the art of flirting.

Flirting is an important part of the dating and relationship building process. The only problem now is that with social distancing guidelines, flirting has some limitations, and is often done at a distance, via the phone, or on video chats. So I’m here to break down the best and more effective ways to flirt in a global pandemic!

Social Distancing Dating: How to Flirt Without Touching and Still Have Fun

Make lingering eye contact

They say that the eyes are the window into the soul. If you want to flirt with someone and show that you’re interested, use your eyes! Flirty eye contact means looking directly into their eyes for periods of at least 3 seconds at a time. And it’s totally ok and recommended to lock eyes during conversation.

This is especially important during deep or titillating conversations. But always make sure you break away from gazing into their eyes by glancing away at times. The goal here is to get them to fall for you, not creep them out.

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Smiling is sexy

Few things are as attractive to quality partners as positivity. And nothing tells someone you’re a positive person like a smile. We’re not talking a Joker-esque perma-smile here, rather just making sure to keep that frown upside-down, giving that prospective partner an understanding that you’re happy, open, and interested in getting to know them.

Smiling is inviting, flash those pearly whites to your advantage!

Let go and laugh

Countless studies have shown that humor and laughter bonds people and makes them more attractive to each other. By steering the conversations to comfortable topics that showcase your humor and/or theirs you’re automatically setting yourself up to be a flirting master.

Don’t take it too seriously. Let your guard down and have a good time laughing together.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

This idea of mirroring doesn’t mean that you follow someone’s every move, but research suggests that when one person subtly copies the action of the person across from them, attraction tends to build. Again, subtlety is key here, by doing things like taking a drink when they drink or leaning in when they lean in, you’re flirting without saying a word.

If you’re making a good connection, you’ll probably find yourself unconsciously mirroring them anyway as it’s a natural physical reaction.

Let your body do the talking

Each of the above falls under body language, but there are so many additional ways to flirt with your body I think it needs its own category. Simple body movements like leg crossing, leaning forward, touching lips, chin and face, and consistent nodding are all proven flirting cues to use.

Some of these are conscious things you can control and some may happen more subconsciously, but whatever you do with your body reveal yourself as open, interested, and confident.

Use compliments generously

‘I love your shirt, where did you get it?’ or ‘Your hair looks really great today, did you just get it cut?’ are two unassuming, flirty compliments that come to mind. Almost all of us love a good, unsolicited compliment when it comes from a place of authenticity. So as you’re talking to someone try to pepper in one or two compliments.

Only say what you mean, but don’t be afraid to let someone know what you like about them.

But don’t overshare

Being vulnerable and giving potential partners the feeling that you’re willing to share all of you, warts and all, is attractive but sometimes singles take this too far and overshare. Always leave them wanting more is an important part of the flirting process.

Arouse him or her by eliciting some curiosity and mystery about you and your life. This can be done by alluding to some cool parts of your life to gain interest but without providing too many details. This can be followed up at a later stage when you revisit the topic and continue to slowly reveal the more personal parts of your life.

ABC, aka always be cute

I first heard this fun, little acronym from a friend of mine who coined it because when it comes to going out in the business and social world, you need to always look your best. I think it directly applies to flirting and dating too, especially now.

Since so many people are forced to flirt via their computers or by meeting at casual outside locales like parks or beaches, it’s sometimes easy to think you don’t need to make much of an effort to look good.

This can be a mistake. Sure you want them to get to know you on the inside, but how you present yourself physically will go a long way to let them know your interest level. A great way to flirt before you even open your mouth is to present yourself well.

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This could mean wearing a color that shows off your eyes or your most flattering jeans. If you look like you just came from the gym (even if you just have) you’re telling the person across from you or on the screen in front of you, they may not be worth the effort.

Do a kind gesture

Being kind and thoughtful is something we should all be making a conscious effort to do more of, but when it comes to flirting there’s no question that kindness is a welcomed friend. The act of being kind might come in the form of writing an unsolicited love note or even something more overt like sending a gift.

We’re not talking diamond earrings here, but some flowers or a craft project you did just for them goes a long way to show someone that you think they’re cute.

Ask questions

To me, a quality conversation should look and feel like a good tennis match where the ball bounces back and forth over the net. The best way to do this is to bring your conscious conversational skills to the date, don’t talk about yourself too much, and ask plenty of questions.

To be extra flirty arm yourself with questions that you know your prospective partner would like to talk about. This can be done by pulling tidbits of information about what they enjoy in life from their dating profile or keep details gleaned from your previous conversations. Then naturally and surreptitiously add in some open-ended questions that highlight these areas.

In the age of social distancing dating, it’s not time to give up on romance. In fact, more and more people are finding ways to make real connections in this unprecedented time. Keep your heart open and explore new and different ways to get to know each other. Love can always find a way!

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