10 Signs To Know If A Relationship Will Definately End In Marriage

If you think there’s no sign short of a diamond ring that can point to whether you’re headed for marriage or not, think again.

Our experts are here to share eight ways you can tell if your relationship will last a lifetime.

1. You’re happy with each other

In a good relationship, both the partners are happy to be with each other. Good lovers complement each other and balance the relationship. On the inside, you may truly believe that you’re a desirable and attractive person who can get anyone you want. But at the same time, do you also truly believe that your partner too has the qualities to attract anyone they want?

Infatuation is fickle, but love isn’t. Most people get into a relationship and start looking out as soon as the infatuation phase is over because they assume they deserve someone better. In a good relationship, both partners know they’re hot stuff, but they also know they’re perfect for each other.

2. Your communication is on point

You can talk to your partner comfortably about anything. You feel free to express your fears, concerns and opinions without feeling judged or afraid to lose them.

3. Your partner isn’t afraid to challenge you.

Constantly butting heads could mean you’re headed for a breakup. But, if your partner is willing to kindly voice his or her views in order to challenge you to change yours, psychotherapist and relationship expert Rhonda Richards-Smith says you could be headed for marriage. “If your partner is comfortable enough with you to lovingly call you out privately when they feel you are wrong,” says Richards-Smith, “chances are you are in the right relationship.”

4. You LOVE spending time together

You would rather hang out with your partner than anyone else. You enjoy each other’s company, whether you’re out with a group of friends partying or home together cuddled up on the couch watching TV. You both just enjoy the companionship of each other.

5. You argue constructively, if ever

Arguments are never bad, as long as it’s limited to a rare occasion. After all, an argument is only a sign of misunderstanding unless it results because of a bigger conflict like an affair.

In a good relationship, you may have differences or arguments, but it’s always constructive to the relationship. You voice your opinions and help your partner understand how you’re feeling and what you really want. By bring up a touchy subject and clearing the air, it helps bring both of you closer in the long run, just as long as the same mistakes don’t happen again.

6. You really care about whether your partner’s family likes you

When you married a person, you also marry his or her family. So, “when things are getting serious in a relationship, you tend to place more weight in what your partner’s family thinks of you,” says Lori Salkin, matchmaker and dating coach. “I have noticed time and time again that right before couples get engaged, they spend more time with each other’s families — and their nerves run high as they hope for their approval or have to respond to disapproval or questions.”

7. You both talk about being together in the future

Both of you talk about having a future commitment without fear. You feel excitement about possibly being together for the rest of your lives. You see the ability to grow together as a couple.

8. You love your partner unconditionally

Lovers in good relationships are always happy. And as corny as it may sound, they feel happier when their partner’s feeling happy. Call them soul mates if you must, but in a good relationship, the happiness one experiences isn’t just one sided.

Have you ever gone out of your way to make your partner feel good, even if it means sacrificing something for yourself? When you’re in a good relationship, both partners go out of their way to make their lover feel good. Do you have that unconditional love in your relationship?

9. You’re (still) s3xually attracted to each other

You and your partner are best friends, but you also have that exciting tingle in the pit of your stomach when they kiss you or when your eyes meet from across a crowded room. If there isn’t s3xual attraction and chemistry, the relationship won’t last.

10. You want to resolve conflicts in a healthy way

You and your partner can work through any problems in a constructive manner. All relationships will endure conflict, but having the desire to resolve conflict and then continue loving each other is essential to a healthy and lasting bond. All relationships take work. You must want to put in the effort.

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