Why is suya sold only at night in Nigeria ?

Ever wondered why Suya is sold only at night? For those that are alien to Nigeria’s socio-linguistics norms, Suya is a Nigerian word for barbecue, however, the most striking detail about the delicacy is that it’s conspicuously sold only at night and the question bounds why it’s sold at night?

I saw the above picture on Facebook. A question that needs answers. Who in Nigeria has not eaten Suya? (Put your hands down) obviously all of us. Have you ever eaten Suya in the daytime? Surprisingly I have. But ideally Suya is better served in the evening.

People relax in the evening and Suya is the best combo for alcohol and it’s a type of food people buy just for enjoyment, not for hunger. I wouldn’t eat Suya when I’m hungry, it’s perfectly suited to buy and eat after the days work.

Selling Suya at night only seems to be a Nigerian phenomenon. It’s like asking why the prostitutes parade only at night, oh yeah, for obvious reasons. People often roast meat over open fires at night, camping sites, open markets, this is usually the case, even in Boys scout circles, fires and roasting takes place at nights.

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History has it that why Suya is sold at night is because of its remnant culture from when fire was the only source of illumination and it doubled to provide light and energy.

Also this is because most of the people that purchase Suya are around at nights. Usually when they are coming back from work and high patronage from people can only happen in the evening.

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It’s a culture, the same reason why you will never hear or watch beer advert on radio and TV during the day and the same reason why champions League is only played at night. Culture.

Suya is sold at night because of its long history on how they need the light for illumination at night. Now that you know. It’s time to go buy some Suya.

Suya Meaning in English

People make some mistake that if their corrected they feel the person is wrong about them, do you also called it suya” then its time for you to know what it means in English language and not to be calling it in Hausa language,

English was a language of the foreigners, English is mostly spoken by the UK, ENGLAND, USA, these are were English is consider very vital, some people don’t even care if they are wrong or right for what the say, they just conclude and leave it like that to save their breath but its not that way.

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However, the name ”suya” is originated from the north, and from those people the called ”’aboki”, suya is a popular named every Nigerian called it but didn’t actually knows the English named for it, it is considered as a meat who is normally sell by the road side.

Nevertheless, ”SUYA” in English language means ”Grilled Meat”.

Brief History of Suya meat

Suya or tsire is a spicy meat skewer which is a popular food item in West Africa. It is also eaten in Sudan, referred to as “Agashe”. Suya is generally made with skewered beef, ram, or chicken.


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