GUYS AND GIRLS: What Does It Mean When A Guy Flexes His Muscles In Front Of A Girl?

Notoriously, men aren’t very good with their words. They tend to be more action based that verbal. They’re most likely to show you how they feel than tell you, even if sometimes the showing can lead to even more confusion than before. Guys attempt all kinds of displays to show off. So what does it mean when a guy flexes his muscles at you?

He may or may not even have the muscles to flex, so trying to suss out what a guy means when he’s giving you the strong man routine can be a little difficult. Don’t worry, there’s only a few reasons that a guy would resort to something you only see in 60s beach musicals anymore. Once you figure it out, it’s not hard to figure out whether or not you want to give this guy the time of day.

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1. He thinks it’s going to impress you

Let’s be real, here. If a guy flexes his muscles at you he probably thinks it’s going to be impressive. The question is, whether or not you’ve expressed any interest in his muscles, or anyone else’s, before. Sure, some people really dig muscular guys.

Some people are into someone built like a brick house who can bench press them with one arm. But if a guy is flexing his muscles without even getting to know whether or not you’re into that, he’s probably more interested in what he thinks will impress you then what will actually get you interested in him.

2. He’s being playful

This really depends if you know the guy or not and the context in which he’s breaking out the ol’ gunshow. It’s likely that he probably knows how silly and ridiculous he looks and he’s trying to make you laugh. You’ll be able to tell pretty quickly if he’s trying to be silly or not. A guy who’s just being playful won’t be taking himself too seriously, so you’re free to laugh along with him (and everyone else).

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3. He’s flirting with you

Markedly different than a guy who wants to impress you, a guy who flexes his muscles when he’s flirting with you is more interested in letting you know he’s interested in you than a boost to his own ego. You’ll be able to tell if he’s flirting with you when he flexes his muscles- most likely, he’ll invite you to feel them. Whether or not you’re into that sort of thing is up to you. If you are, you’re in luck – this adonis is looking to turn you on. Have at ‘em!

4. He’s not very smart

Okay, sometimes guys who are all about the muscle can be a bit of a meat head. If his first choice of courtship is flexing his muscles, there’s a chance that there’s not a lot going on up there. You’ll be able to figure out pretty quickly what’s up when you have an actual conversation with him. Even if he isn’t the brightest crayon on the box, he’s probably guaranteed to be a sweetheart. So, let him flex his muscles. It’s probably all he’s got going for him.

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5. He’s arrogant

It’s totally normal to have confidence in your body. But guys will sometimes just flex their muscles to show off for no good reason – you don’t know him, he doesn’t know you, you’re just a stranger on the sidewalk and he’s flexing his muscles all willy-nilly. Who does that? This guy, apparently. Arrogance isn’t a desirable trait. Good thing he’s probably moved on to something else before you’ll even get a chance to react. Don’t sweat it, he definitely wasn’t worth your time anyway.

There’s no real tried and true answer to why a guy flexes his muscles. With context, you’ll probably be able to figure it out before even getting far enough to need to consult someone else what it means. But if you’re stumped, maybe you’ll be able to figure it out from the list above.

Guys aren’t as mysterious as we make them out to be. It’s all about learning to speak their language, which isn’t always verbal. Don’t worry, you’ll figure it out. If anything, a guy flexing his muscles at you is rarely a bad sign. It’s definitely not malicious. He probably just can’t figure out a better way to say… whatever it is he’s trying to say!

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