Video: Pastor Chris Shares Vision He Got From Holy Spirit About Three Presidential Candidates

As the 2023 election draws nearer, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, President of LoveWorld Incorporated has shared the vision he got from the Holy Spirit about three presidential candidates.

During a recent ministration, the cleric said the Spirit described one of the candidates as a “Jackal”. Oyakhilome added that when he searched the dictionary for the meaning of “jackal”, he saw it meant a “trickster, swindler, one that operates on behalf of another for the purpose of deception”.

Moving on with his ministration, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said the Spirit told him if the second candidate is elected, there would be no country.

He further revealed that though the third candidate whose name is in the Bible was afraid he might win and scared he might lose, he prayed to God to “give him wings to fly”.

Watch a video from the ministration HERE

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