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11 Types Of Men You Should Avoid This Year

11 Types Of Men You Should Avoid This Year

Nowadays ladies are just eager to hook up with another guy even after experiencing a failed relationship.

Although, it seems the reason for ladies being eager is just to avoid being single or at least to have someone to be with and at the same time be able to call their own.

While this is not totally a bad idea, it isn’t a good one neither as it usually exposes a lady to the various negative sides of a relationship.

When you meet a guy for the very first time, he always seem like the Mr right guy, but with time you will get to know him better and probably see the other side of him.

So before you jump into a relationship with a guy, below are the types of men you should move away from or even try to avoid as much as possible when you see them.

1. Men that doesn’t have respect

Some men lack manners and doesn’t even know how to show a single sign of courtesy.

If a man does not have respect for people around, he will definitely not have respect for you too as it’s already part and parcel of him.

Respect go a long way in the society as it usually provide a sense of belonging, so ladies should learn to avoid men who lack this characteristics.

Some ladies would even ask, how can i know if a man has respect or not? it’s very simple, just look at the way he relate with the people around, i’m sure you will find all the answers to your questions.

2. Men that can’t express their feelings

There is nothing like being able to communicate well with each other in a relationship.

Communication do play a major role in a relationship as it allows both partners to be able to know their needs and wants and also be able to satisfy each other where necessary, even as it create room for them to adjust themselves in any area each of them is found wanting.

There is absolutely no need to be in a relationship where communication is absent. I just can’t see the reason for you to be with a man who can’t express his feelings.

Having a relationship with this type of men is just worst than being single because i can’t see the essence of dating a man you can’t predict or know what is on his mind, it’s as useless as anything.

3. Avoid men that pretends a lot

An enemy you know is better than the angel you don’t know.
Pretence can do more harm than good in a relationship as it can create room for grudges between partners in a relationship.

Men who pretends a lot are often considered as time waster as you can’t know what they are up to. You can’t even know if the love they claim to have for you is real or not as it is always difficult to determine if they actually meant they say.

Ladies should just avoid this type of men for them to put a stop to relationship heart break.

4. Men that lie too much

Some men prefer to lie in order to cover up some of their wrong doings.

As far as i’m concerned, i don’t think there is anywhere it is written that lie is good, even a little lie can go a long way to destroy so many things.

Honesty is one of the feature ladies cherish most in a guy as they already know it helps to build to build long term trust between partners in a relationship.

Ladies should deviatee from dating a man that lie about every little thing that matters. Honesty shoyld be the first thing a lady must look out for in a guy before involving in any relationship with him.

5. Men with low self-esteem

You might be wondering if this is necessary.es it is very good to date a man with high self esteem. A man that can decide for himself what he wants and what he doesn’t like at a particular time, a man that does not depend on other people’s comments before he can get his confidence.

As a lady, it’s always an addition to you when you date a guy with a lot of confidence. Even the man himself will have the confidence in you as he knows the reason he is with you, he also understand better why both of you are compatible.

6. Irresponsible men

Some men do shy away from responsibilities, all they want is to live their life the way they want to and enjoy it to the fullest.
Women on the other hand needs care and adquate attention of which most men don’t want to be responsible for.

In fact most men do run away from relationship nowadays as they are aware that some ladiees do use that opportunity to transfer all their responsibilities to a man.

But in the real sense, there is no need to date a man who can’t shoulder responsibilities or a man that will not be responsible for you in other aspect of life.

7. Avoid men that get angry easily

Ladies should avoid men that can’t control their temper as anger can destroy so many things. Anger can actually make the bad become worst.

Anyone have the right to feel bad hen a situation is not favorable but not to the extent of not being able to control yourself.

In whatever sitaution, a man should be able to keep his calm in dealing with it while focusing on the positive side of the situation.

At least before you can call yourself a man that will claim to be the head, you must be diligent and be able to tolerate so many things.

8. Avoid men that doesn’t have the fear of God

If you ask a lady what she wants in a man, she will certainly say she wants a God-fearing man as a husband.

It is very important for a lady to take this seriously as a man who has a pure, clean and a heart filled with God’s words will surely lead you in truth and in right path at all times.

Most importantly, a man with the fear of God will never break your heart and will tend to forgive and forget easily even when you offend him. The man will also love you better and cherish you at all times.

9. A man that wants everything to revolve around him

Some men do want everything to be about themselves alone. They want to have every benefit to themselves without considering other people.

Ladies should always avoid men who often shows selfish attitude in everything they do. Ladies should take note that a man with a selfish character will tend to care less about your feelings in the future.

As far as i’m concerned, relationship is meant to be a mutual agreement and fulfilment on the part of both partners.

No one is higher or lower, both partners must treat each other with equal love and care.

10. Avoid Mama’s boy

Although mama’s boy are known for treating women better and are also known for giving more respect to a lady, but the consequences attached to dating a mama’s boy is so much when compared to that of it’s advantage.

Mama’s boy must definitely be a no go area for ladies if she doesn’t want to encounter problems in her realtionship.

Always have it at the back of your mind that mama’s boy can’t make decision on their own without the consent of their mothers and you will always turn out to be the second choice in the relationship even as he tends to share your intimate deatils with his mother.

11. Avoid a man who can’t take proper care of himself

Some men are actually not good at taking care of themself properly which may be because they don’t have enough time on their path or may be they just don’t see it as a big deal.

One of the responsibility of a man is to take proper care of you as a lady but what is the assurance that he will be able to take care of you when he can’t even take care of himself.

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