Team Sticks win the BBMzansi Wager Task [Video]

Gash1, Libo, Terry, Themba and Venus have won their way to new spoils after nailing the Wager Task!

This week has centred around themes of going green, with a focus on eco-consciousness in the Big Brother Mzansi House.


Feeling up to the challenge as they emerged fresh from winning last week’s Wager Task, the Housemates Wagered 100%.

Biggie tasked the Housemates with creating eco-friendly fashion looks that are also practical, creative and bold.

They were asked to come up with pieces representing four different categories; the all-natural look, the recycled looks the modern twist looks as weak as the cardboard look.

The Housemates were divided into two teams – Team Sticks and Team Stones.

The Housemates came out to play in their stylish fashion numbers, which were all constructed from the unconventional items.

A lot went into putting the presentation together, which required every Housemates to apply their own talents to bring about a fashion show that did not give ‘low fashion’.

It’s a tough challenge, considering these looks were made out of materials that can be challenging to work with. There was the hair and make up, which Terry was happy to attend to.

Mphowabadimo and Tulz came in as hosts for the presentation for the show, piloting a show that needed to impress both Biggie and the BBMzansi viewers.

A technique was required, but the Housemates have had plenty of practice around putting together a show.

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On Tuesday, the Housemates were given fabrics, dyes and other materials to begin to create their own patterned fabrics.

Libo was lambasted for allowing other Housemates corner him into taking decisions that ended up neutralising the presentation’s potential.

And while some of the looks were complimented for their creativity, Big Brother did not let go of the fact that some of the looks were “basic”.

Thato, Sis Tamara and Mphowabadimo were complimented for coming through for Team Stones. That left Tulz and Nale out in the cold.

But in the end, Team Sticks brought it home! The team consisted of Gash1, Libo, Terry Themba and Venus.

It looks like the Housemates have been putting in the work lately, securing more Wager Tasks wins than losses. Only the members of the winning team will be allowed to participate in this week’s shopping privileges.

They will get 100% of the Wager and not be allowed to share their spoils with the rest of the Housemates. Sjoe! This is likely to create in interesting dynamic in the House for the rest of the week.

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