Seven Signs Your Bae Is Truly Supportive Of Your Goals

We all want to be with someone who supports our dreams and ambitions.But at times, it can be hard to tell if bae is truly supportive of your life goals. Or sometimes you might think they aren’t supportive yet they actually are. So how can you know?

Here are some signs that you have a motivating, supportive bae on your hands.

1. They understand your schedule and don’t mind when you need to cancel or delay plans.

Maybe you have a pressing deadline, or you’re needed for a special project. During such times, even if you had plans, your bae puts their selfishness aside and understands that you have other commitments. They don’t get angry and say things like “You are working too much.” But if bae rants, gets upset, picks an argument, or develops an attitude about the situation, it means they want to always be your number one priority, which shouldn’t be the case in a healthy relationship.

2. They always offer help with work-related stuff if you need it.

If bae says “I don’t know” when you need their opinion on something you’re working on, they either don’t like it, or they don’t care enough to help you out. A supportive partner will always help, offer suggestions, give their unbiased opinion, and lend a helping hand.

3. They enjoy talking about your accomplishments.

If bae keeps telling their friends and family about your accomplishments, then it’s safe to say they’re really proud of you. This means they are not only focused on their own goals, but are happy about yours, as well. There should be a sense of appreciation present in a good relationship. An unsupportive partner will often fail to mention your accomplishments either because they don’t care or because they want their own accomplishments to take the limelight, instead.

4. They refuse to let you quit.

There comes that point in your career where you feel that nothing you do pans out correctly. Maybe you are being stressed at work or you’re just uninspired. At times you feel like quitting. But if you have a bae who doesn’t let you quit and encourages you to go on as you look for something better, then you have a truly supportive person in your life. Quitting without a plan is never a good thing and a good bae will make you see that.

5. They keep asking how you are fairing on at work.

This is the easiest way to know if bae is supportive. A caring partner asks what you did, gets into your stories, appears to pay attention, asks about projects and what they entail, congratulates you on promotions, and generally just enjoys talking to you about what you’re up to.

6. They trust you around colleagues and associates of the opposite gender.

If you want to get ahead, it’s obvious that you will have to make dealings with people of the opposite gender a lot, sometimes even at odd times. A non-supportive partner might feel you are getting romantically involved with that person who calls you at odd hours over deals and other forms of work, but a supportive partner understands that people of the opposite sex that you work with aren’t a real source of worry, and they don’t make a giant fuss about it, especially if they know how much the job means to you.

7. They tell you where you are going wrong.

A bae who truly supports your goals will tell you if you are going wrong. They won’t just stand there and see you fall as they watch. Most importantly, they won’t point out your bad moves in a condemning tone. They’ll do it politely

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Alamu Tosin

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