How To Return Back To Your Ex – You Still Miss Him/Her Sometimes!

Everyone in life has a past, without the past, you can’t tell the story in the present future right now. So many time, we have lost so many people that we love so much but due to some little issues or some other common challenges or arguments, we have separated ourselves from each other.

After some days and times and years in our lives, we will end up regretting why we lose them. The reasons might be because you haven’t seen anyone the loves you the way your Ex does.

Some will say that they haven’t had Ex, while the others will say that they’re not interested in calling them back because they broke their heart. The truth must always be revealed on this website. We are telling you that are reading this post today to always have a say and decision in your life.

Do not let anyone decide for you. For the fact that a lady broke your heart is not the right decision for you to take on leaving her entirely. the question I have to ask you is: How Far Did you Go, In Bringing Her Back To You?

So many guys have lost their best friend all in the name of pride and ego. While some of them feel like it is not their right to plead with a woman they love. All you need to do today is to read this post line by line today and discover your mistakes.

Nobody is above mistakes, but when one has made mistakes, you are expected to make a correction towards it and never decide that your own is the final all because you are the man of the house. To hell with that! swallow your pride and bend your heads, if you really know what you want and need in life.

Now, If you want to return back to your ex and you want him/her to accept you back there are several things that are expected of you to do. What are those things to do for your ex to return to you?

Let’s help you figure it out today. The reason is that many have been hurt, just for the sake of some little things that would have been handled by both parties, they left whom they so much love and value for someone else to enjoy what they have built for so long.

The things to do if you want your ex back to you fully, if at all you still love her, and she hasn’t moved on seriously with someone else in a serious relationship.

* Call Him/Her

At first, when you call him/her, the first thing that you should is how she is doing, don’t rush to words by telling her the reason you are calling is for her to come back to you. No! its wrong, the reason I said its wrong to hit the point immediately is that you don’t even know if she is with the new guy when you are calling.

Therefore, you are expected to show her/him that you still care about him/her even though it’s being a long time you both heard from each other. After you must have known if she is happy at the moment, or she/he is having a frustrating day, make sure you encourage him/her so as to draw their attention which shows you still care.

* Show Her/Him That You Still Care

If you still have a single feeling for your ex, show them that you do care even with them being far from you, just via the tone of your voice, maybe when you are calling them on phone.

When you wanna show them that you care, you to provide them with what they need at the moment, especially when their present relationship cannot do that for them, on doing the, you are making them have a second thought, and start remembering the past the both of you shared together.

* Open Up and Tell Him/Her Why You Are Returning

When you must have opened up and told her/him how much you must have missed each other, although it doesn’t go so smooth, I know that if at all he/she still have feelings for you.

They will have nothing else to say that to come back, though not immediately but gradually by start thinking about you again, and as time goes on. You both are back to each other fully!

Always remember to confess to him/her how much you missed his presence and his jokes, and also his/her smiles.Those moments are always very important. Take note of that.

* Ask For Forgiveness

If you have wronged her/him in any manner, you are expected to ask for forgiveness, no matter how hard it might be for you. Sometime, you might not even be that that has wronged your partner, but for the sake that you want her/him back to your life, always remember to plead and ask for forgiveness.

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Alamu Tosin

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