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Rishi Sunak was born to parents of Punjabi Hindu descent in the town of Southampton. His father, Yashvir Sunak, is of Indian and Kenyan descent respectively.

Rishi Sunak

Name: Rishi Sunak
Age: 42 years
Date of Birth: May 12, 1980
Wife: Akshata Murth
Nationality: American
Occupation: Politician
Net Worth: £690 million

Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak (born 12 May 1980) is a British politician who hails from the United Kingdom and has been at the helm of the Conservative Party since the 24th of October, 2022. From the years 2019 and 2020, he was the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, and between 2020 and 2022, he was the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Since 2015, he has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for the constituency of Richmond (Yorks).


After a stressful day filled with rumours and controversy, it was announced that Rishi Sunak will take over as the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

However, the successful Ms. Truss resigned from her post as Prime Minister after just 44 days, during which time the economy suffered. The former Chancellor of the Exchequer had previously faced off against Ms. Truss in the most recent campaign for the leadership of the Conservative Party.


Rishi Sunak Parents

Yashvir Sunak, Rishi Sunak’s father, was born and raised in Kenya while the country was still a British territory and protectorate. His mother, Usha, hails from Tanganyika, a country that was once independent but is now an integral component of Tanzania in the present day.

Both Usha and Yashvir were medical professionals; Usha worked as a pharmacist and managed a local pharmacy, and Yashvir was a general practitioner who worked for the National Health Service. According to the information provided on Mr. Sunak’s website, he was raised observing how devotedly his parents served the community in which they lived.

According to information provided by Lord Ashcroft in the book Going For Broke: The Rise of Rishi Sunak, the MP’s maternal grandmother, Sraksha, tied the knot with the MP’s maternal grandpa, Raghubir, in an arranged marriage when she was just 16 years old. There is not a lot of information available on Mr. Sunak’s paternal grandparents.

Raghubir, who was born in Tanzania, was convinced by Suraksha, who was also born in Tanzania, to begin a new life in Africa after Suraksha met a railway engineer who was working in Tanzania but was originally from Punjab.

Usha, who would later become Mr. Sunak’s mother, together with her two younger brothers were brought into the world after their parents got married and Raghubir found work as a tax officer in Tanzania.

It is said that Sraksha sold all of her bridal jewels in order to pay for the trip that her family took to the UK in 1966.

Rishi Sunak Siblings

Does Rishi Sunak Have Any More Family Members? Mr. Sunak’s younger siblings include a sister by the name of Raakhi and a brother by the name of Sanjay.

Sanjay is a doctor of psychology, and Raakhi holds the position of Chief of Strategy and Planning at the United Nations Global Fund for Education in Emergencies in New York.

According to a story published on Mail Online, Sanjay attended the same private primary school as Sunak, which was called the Stroud School. After that, he attended University College London as an undergraduate student in 1999 and Birkbeck University of London as a postgraduate student.

After completing his undergraduate degree at King’s College London with a focus on forensic mental health, he continued his education by enrolling in the doctoral programme in clinical psychology at the University of Surrey.

Raakhi is the woman who founded the UNICEF group in Oxford; her husband, Peter Williams, is an authority in international assistance.

Sunak attended Winchester College, a boys’ independent boarding school, and Stroud School, a prep school in Romsey, Hampshire. At Winchester College, he was head boy, and Stroud School is located in Hampshire.

He spent his summer break working as a waiter at a curry restaurant in Southampton. The restaurant was in Southampton. After attending Lincoln College in Oxford to study Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE), he was awarded a degree with the highest possible grade in 2001.

Rishi Sunak Wife, Akshata Murth

In 2009, Mr. Sunak tied the knot with Akshata Murthy in the city of Bangalore in southern India, which is also where she was born. It was while he was attending Stanford University for his master’s degree in business administration that he had his first encounter with her.

Ms. Murthy began her career in the fields of marketing and finance before making the transition to the world of fashion design and launching her own business, Akshata Designs.

In May of 2022, they made history by being the first pair to ever be included on the Sunday Times Rich List. Their combined wealth of 730 million pounds made Mr. Sunak the first politician to be included on the list since it was originally published in 1989.

During his time as a student, he put in some time at the Conservative Campaign Headquarters by interning there. In 2006, he attended Stanford University as a Fulbright scholar and earned his Master of Business Administration there.

After the results of the general election in 2015, Sunak was elected to represent the Richmond constituency in North Yorkshire in the House of Commons, taking over for William Hague. In the referendum held in 2016, Sunak cast their vote in favour of leaving the EU.

The father-in-law of Rishi Sunak is worth a billion dollars.

Rishi Sunak’s father-in-law, Narayan Murthy, has an incredible net worth of $3.2 billion and is often referred to as the “Steve Jobs of India.” Narayan Murthy is also frequently called the “Steve Jobs of India.” Infosys is a corporation that provides services like outsourcing, business consulting, and information technology. He is one of the co-founders of the company.

Murthy started his own company in 1981 with an initial capital investment of only $250 and a staff of six employees. Murthy was the chairman and chief executive of the Indian multinational firm from the time it was founded until 2014, when he stepped down from those positions. Consequently reinforcing his status as one of the most successful businesspeople in the country.

Murthy is currently 74 years old and has been retired for quite some time, yet he continues to control a minor piece of Infosys. When asked about his relationship with his in-laws, Sunak reportedly said, “Is their daughter content? ” to the question posed by Business Standard. is the thing that preoccupates my in-laws the most. He continued by saying, in reference to interactions inside the family, “Except for cricket, we are not competitive.”

The member of parliament made the observation, “He has been incredibly supportive.” ” I count myself really fortunate to have someone like him as a family member because I can benefit from his guidance and mentoring, and it is fantastic to have his support. I consider myself fairly blessed to have someone like him as a family member. I am acutely aware of how blessed I am, despite the fact that the situation is obviously quite terrible.

Rishi Sunak UK Prime Minister

Rishi Sunak is currently in a position to very certainly become the next prime minister of Britain as a result of the withdrawal of both of the leading candidates in the competition to succeed Liz Truss prior to any votes being cast by members of the Conservative party.

The confidence of the government was hurt, and market participants were frightened, as a result of Liz Truss’ policy ideas regarding tax cuts and expenditures. As a result, he became victorious in the most recent leadership campaign as a reliable candidate to head the United Kingdom. He has a reputation for being a politician who has a moderate position and is pragmatic.

In the realm of British politics, Sunak has accomplished nothing less than an ascent into the stratosphere. Boris Johnson chose him for the job of finance minister, which is the term used for the position of chancellor of the Exchequer, which is the U.K. Treasury. This selection came five years after he entered Parliament in 2015, following a career in banking.

Sunak will become the first person of Asian heritage to ever hold the position of Prime Minister in the United Kingdom. At the age of 42, he will be more than 200 years younger than the previous youngest prime minister.

Despite the fact that Sunak comes from a wealthy family, his wife, an IT heiress who was born in India, did not pay the highest rate of British tax as a fully domiciled resident of the United Kingdom until very recently. As a direct consequence of this, Sunak is also anticipated to come under intense investigation.

Rishi Sunak Net Worth

His wife, Akshata, is said to have assets worth £430 million, making her wealthier than Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. Sunak is the richest member of the House of Commons, while Akshata is said to be wealthier than the monarch.

Rishi Sunak received a yearly salary of £151,649 when he was serving as Chancellor, but if he were to win the leadership race, he would receive a salary that is far higher.

Nevertheless, the majority of his income comes from his marriage to Akshata Murthy, which is estimated to be worth 690 million pounds, and he holds a 0.93% stake in Infosys.

The five-bedroom mansion in Kensington is reputedly worth a total of seven million pounds on its own. The private garden is affixed to the side of the home that is four stories tall. It is said that the extended family resides in a different property on Old Brompton Road in London when they come to visit.

Facts About Rishi Sunak

  • What ethnicity is Rishi Sunak? Sunak was born in Southampton to parents of Punjabi Indian descent who migrated to Britain from East Africa in the 1960s.
  • Is Rishi Sunak married? Rishi Sunak is married to Akshata Narayan Murty is a British-based Indian fashion designer
  • What is the net worth of Narayan Murthy? Rishi Sunak farther in law is worth 4.5 billion dollars.

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