Reno attacks Charlyboy for calling pastors, politicians with private jets ‘bastards’

Former aide to the immediate past President Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri has lambasted Charly boy for calling pastors who own private jets ‘bastards’.

Omokri said Pastors were not responsible for providing National air carrier, therefore, should not be blamed.

According to him, If pastors were ‘Conmen’ for having jets then Charlyboy is a ‘conman’ for also having a car when his state has no mass transit.

He urged the Areafada to challenge the governor of his state, Rochas Okorocha on wasting resources on erecting statues and creation of ministry of happiness instead of attacking pastors.

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In his tweets, he wrote “I don’t get Charly Boy’s complaint about Nigeria not having a National airline yet pastors have private jets. Are pastors responsible for Nigeria not having a national airline? What is the connection? Is this senility? Are pastors the politicians that ruined Nigerian Airways?

“Charly Boy @Areafada1 calling pastors conmen because they have private jets while Nigeria has no national airline is like saying Charly Boy is a conman because he has a car yet his state has no mass transit bus system!

“Charly Boy @Areafada1, not all pastors are conmen. You are from Imo state. Face the real conman that is busy using your state’s resources to build statues for foreign leaders with no connection to Imo. And while you are at it, face your ‘Happiness Commissioner’.”

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