Nollywood actress, Wunmi Toriola accused of brutalising Lagos nanny over son’s treatment

Actress Wumi Toriola’s nanny, Motunrayo Azeez, has described how she was beaten and cursed over the fact that she took care of the actress’ son.

As reported by Punch, Azeez fed the boy after school hours and took him outside to play. When she noticed that he was running a temperature, she gave him some drugs.

The actress who was monitoring the house on her phone saw the moment and became angry seeing as Motunrayo did not seek permission.

Motunrayo  noted that she apologised but Toriola further accused her of deliberately drugging her son so that he could sleep.

The events that followed after was not pleasant for the nanny as the actress beat her up at different times within and outside the estate, locked her in a room and her husband also called in a soldier who horsewhipped her and used an electric shocker on her.

The actress reportedly took her to a station and on their way back home in the middle of the road, threw her things on the road and started beating her again. The people who witnessed the scene advised her to go to a station to report.

Wumi Toriola tells her version

According to reports, the actress denied beating the nanny and noted that her son had slept for days before and her suspicion was raised when she saw Motunrayo giving him drugs.

She alleged that neighbours have reported that the nanny used to beat the boy outside the house because of the camera inside.

The actress added that all her husband did was call the police to pick Motunrayo up to write a statement at the station and noted that she even begged on her behalf.

“I don’t want a case because her mother called me from Epe, begging me to let her go, which I did only for me to now get your message. Now, I’m going to open the case; I’m going to take the case to Panti (SCIID); I have all the evidence of what she did.”


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