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Rahki Giovanni is a popular American body builder, personal trainer and social media influencer born on August 4, 1988. Rahki was born and raised in Miami, Florida, USA.

Rahki Giovanni

Real Name Rahki Giovanni
Date Of Birth 4th August, 1988
Age 34 years old
Place of birth Miami
Nationality American
State of Origin Florida
Profession Fitness Expert • S.M Personality
Ethnicity Puerto Rican & Haitian Roots
Net Worth $250,000

Rahki Giovanni Biography

Rahki Giovanni was born on 4th August, 1988, in Miami, Florida, United States. She is an American fitness instructor, fitness enthusiast, and social media influencer.

Rahki Giovanni is of Puerto Rican & Haitian descent, because her parents are said to be citizens of those countries. She is well known for her thick muscular body.

Rahki Giovanni Career

Rahki Giovanni started lifting weight in 2015 and with consistency and alongside a great diet plan, the results started to show in no time.

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Reports from multiple sources have it that she runs one mile in six minutes daily and also trains for eight hours daily as part of her workout routine.

Like other fitness models, Rahki is also very conscious of her nutrition, knowing the type of physique she has, and her reputation as a fitness model. Consequently, she has placed herself on a healthy diet that would enhance, rather than disfigure her curvy shapes.

The fitness model also includes regiments of biceps and triceps workouts which may include reps of barbell curls, bend over rows, standing Barbell curls as well as reps of high or low incline dumbbell presses, pushdowns, and bench presses.

She started sharing videos of her workout routine on social media which started garnering attention and she started to build a fanbase for herself and eventually emerged as a fitness trainer.

Rahki Giovanni Height, Weight

How much does Rahki Giovanni weight ? Very thick and confident, Rahki Giovanni has an outstanding physique. She stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches. There have been some disparities in the reports about her actual weight however, some sources have placed her weight at about 80kg.

Rahki Giovanni Work Out

People usually define Rahki’s workout routines as ‘Explosive workouts.’ Her workouts are usually HIIT and explosive form going through higher reps and lighter weights.

She could also switch to heavyweights with lower reps for more power, depending on the dictates of her intuition.

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Rahki likes to switch up her workout routines from time to time.

Rahki has an intensive workout routine that compels her to spend about eight hours in the gym.

Her workouts started with light cardio. For her cardio workout to be successful, she used to run about one mile within six minutes.

She enjoys her workouts in the good weather in Miami. After such extensive cardio, she takes a small break to bring down her heartbeat rate to normal.

Then her cardio is followed by 43 to 45 repetitions of deadlifts.

Her triceps and biceps workout consists of barbell curls, bend-over rows, standing Barbell cups, and reps of high or low incline dumbbell presses, pushdowns, and bench presses.

Rahki is capable of doing 75 push-ups and 75 pull-ups every day. Her workouts are mostly box jumps, sprints, and occasionally isolated exercises such as leg extensions.

It is of no use when you work out a lot if you do not have a healthy diet plan.

So Rahki makes sure that she adapted a strict diet regimen. She only consumes food with high nutritional value.

Rahki has expressed her love for oranges in her diet. She says that oranges provide a great deal of vitamin C and also are very delicious to eat.

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Rahki Giovanni Surgery

Rahki Giovanni spent years transforming herself from someone with poor mental health, low self-confidence, and bad habits into someone who works hard and loves her body.

Although most of her transformation took place at the gym, Rahki is open about her breast surgery. In addition, the fitness celebrity confirms that plastic surgery might be highly enticing in a place like my Miami.

“Miami is almost the holy grail of plastic surgery, it’s very popular, it’s the norm. I trained for years for my body, but I still felt like I wanted a boob job, to feel better.”

Rahki Giovanni Boyfriend, Personal Life

Rahki Giovanni has always been tight-lipped when it comes to talking about her personal life. Very little is known about whether or not she has a boyfriend with whom she shares her days. Some followers have often insinuated that she has a man but is keeping him off the limelight, however, these claims have not been substantiated

Rahki Giovanni Net Worth

Rahki Giovanni currently has an estimated net worth of $250,000.

Rahki Giovanni Social Media

  • Instagram: @rahkigiovanni
  • Twitter: @RahkiGiovanni
  • Facebook: Official Rahki Giovanni
  • TikTok: @rahkigiovanni
  • YouTube: Rahki Giovanni
  • Website: rahkigiovanni.com
  • Snapchat: Rahki’s World

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