The Basic Facts About Nose Piercing

Nose Piercing

Here in this article you are going to find some useful information about nose piercing . For those who are interest to learn information regarding to nose piercing as the second most common varieties of piercing after the earlobe piercing , here underneath are a few hints on the best way to wear them.

Take in count that in summer times , after applying the piercing please avoid swimming pools, hot tubs or go swimming in the ocean for like 3 months until the tissue is safe.


Normally it is currently achieved for the purpose of wearing elegant jewelry. It implies the incisive penetration of the skin or cartilage which forms any part of the nose . A calm pain can be experience while the process but , fear not knowing that some of the people might encounter this feeling as pleasant and even soft . Nose piercing is strongly and primarily associated with the Indian culture and fashion since classical times . You can commonly found them in India , Bangladesh , Nepal, Sri Lanka and some regions of Asia . The young in the 80 s and 90 s adopted this sort of body piercing spreading the event throughout the Americas.

Nowadays it can be seen in every continent . Normally the side of the nose is cartilage enclose by skin, and will be the most favored area to perform the task . The individual can choose from plain up to spiked or even flat jewelry to wear .

According to the Hindu tradition has to be on the left side of the nose . Young Hindu girls will pierce their nose to show they are not married and when they become brides , the brides will attach a fancy chain to their nose ring.

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In the north, the Indians prefer piercing their left side of the nose while the people in the south will prefer the right side . Other cultures will show that their woman will hold to piercing in both sides . Think of it as cultural or regional preferences .

Why to pierce your nose ?

It will totally depend on the personal choice and preference .
It is strongly suggested to consider some ideas before making a decision about any aspect of our lives . The decisions you make will become an impact to the person you are , that ’ s why some of the ideas you encounter might sound the contrary to public opinion . Which leads you directly to the first step; you are number 1 .

When making your decisions , please put yourself first . Know yourself and know the capabilities you have and become stronger . It is neither selfish, nor cruel but also this will not mean that you have to send everyone to hell.

If you consider your family important to you , demonstrate this by creating a life working balance . As above, please do not compromise your family. Let them know the benefits your decision will bring towards all . While engaging with friends and family please make your own decisions and take responsibility for your own decisions .

World wide

Together both celebrities and technology made this possible. By getting their nose pierce they can show worldwide how stylish it can be to wear such an amazing piece . And you can watch them within news from events and also the social media. Make a research on which type suits your style . And if you are compelled to get your nose pierced; most important of the researches is to choose which side to wear it .

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Documentation shows that nose piercing originated in the Middle East around 4 , 000 years ago, even the bible mention this body art at his old testament .

We have to talk about fashion when referring to piercings . It is a living movement that will actually need humans to be performed but , its constant change might be trend to every few hours . Nose piercing is subject to these movements by doing some minimal change will alter the way we appear around others . Choosing to wear a piercing can be suitable for both man and woman and will not require any coverage. Changing your outlook and how you wish to be perceived by other humans will totally depend on you . Here you will know how to go along with it .

For example, for a freshly pierced nose you will consider to use stainless steel , titanium, niobium or gold to avoid black marks on skin. Due to it takes round three months to the wound to heal ; you might want to avoid changing your jewelry so you cannot engage on re tearing the nose and ultimately avoid infections . Rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide will increase the irritation and will let you a burn sensation. It may even slow down the process of healing the tissue and will show a scar .

Choose a side

It is very important that you choose the side your heart feels great about.

At common times , the left side of the nose is the one who will attend the pierce . By cognitive reasons , people will always choose to accommodate their left side of the nose with the piece of body art . This outside part of the nose is used in the India for piercing . The practice will take you to an easier hold of the childbirth . People will also share these ideas also because of the Ayurvedic medicine that associates the left side of the nose with the female productive organs . When that part of the nose is pierced, it helps in reducing the pain during childbirth .

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The right side of the noise is commonly associated within the female structure, or so they say . It is thought by western culture that if the guy wears it in the right side he is gay and the girl who wears it on the left is lesbian. But please don ’ t take this serious, wear it where you think it suits your appearance due to that what really matters is your comfort.

Septum piercing

Tradition is characterized to be wearing the piercing on the left or the right side , but apart from that there is yet another area which can be option to perform the use of the piercing . The septum is the lower (bottom ) area of the nose that is kind of hidden against front sight and will only be seen from the underside . You can wear straight barbells from up to 3 / 8 inch and some 14 septum retainer jewelry.

Bridge piercing

If you want to be wild and express some self – rebellion you can opt for the nose bridge piercing . Know that the area called bridge is where the nose interacts with the forehead. While doing this , the piercing will shatter only the skin, leaving the cartilage out of the conversation . 16 or 14 of thickness should be considered when adorning the bridge .

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