OAP Nedu: I Lost Juicy Endorsement Deal Due to Rumours That I Hate Women

Nigerian actor and media personality, Chinedu Ani Emmanuel, also known as Nedu Wazobia has revealed how he lost a multi-million-naira endorsement deal because of perceptions that he is a misogynist.

The controversial host made the disclosure on the latest episode of The Honest Bunch podcast co-hosted by him, Husband Material, and Deity Cole.

Nedu said that a beverage company wanted to sign him as an ambassador, but because of the rumours being circulated that he hates women, they made a U-turn.

He said the company told him that if people have that perception of him, then it would not be a good look for him to be their brand ambassador because their female audience would disapprove.

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The comic act, however, noted that he does not feel bad that the deal did not go through anymore, rather he was more concerned with the false narrative.

Nedu went on to lash out at what he described as the double standard of those who accused him of liking women too much in his skits but turned around to say he spread hate against women in his podcast.

He said; “I almost signed an endorsement three weeks ago and I lost it. I’m not feeling bad. I didn’t feel bad for a second but I lost it.

“Why did I lose it? Because a lot of people were flying with the narrative, ‘Nedu hates women.’ And it’s a beverage brand. The brand said, ‘If this is what people are saying, it means it is not going to go well with our female audience.”

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