Nigerian Singer, Rema Speaks On Joining Illuminati

Nigerian singer, Rema, has finally spoken up following rumours that he recently joined the Illuminati.

In a post on his Instagram story, Rema addressed the swirling rumors and conspiracy theories surrounding his alleged involvement with the Illuminati.

He categorically denied any affiliation with the secret society and asserted that he has been dedicated to his craft from the beginning.

Rema urged his fans, known as “Ravers,” to educate others about his background and heritage, highlighting the key colors of his culture and the significance of certain elements in Benin.

Rema said that as he continues to evolve as an artist, his execution will also evolve. He expressed his commitment to creating art that resonates with his audience and dismisses the notion that his success is attributed to any diabolical forces.

Rema stated that he works tirelessly to produce quality music and expects his fans to give credit where it is due.

He said; “Day 1 Ravers, help educate the new Ravers that I’ve been on this bat shit for a long time. Y’all would have so much clarity if you easily Google where I’m from, what the key colors of my heritage are, what flies in the skies of Benin every evening, etc.

“As I evolve, my execution will evolve unapologetically. Please know your artist. It’s why I do interviews. And that Illuminati talk is trash. I work too hard to create art for you guys to give the glory to some diabolical shit. Dead it now. Jesus is King.”

See the post below:

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