Nigerian Beauty Therapist Arrested for Trying to Penetrate one His Customers (Photo)

A beauty therapist who sexually assaulted a woman who he was treating has been jailed.

Ayoyinka Oladimeji – 29 of Talia House, E14, was sentenced to three years in jail and handed a Sexual Harm Prevention Order at Inner London Crown Court today (Thursday, 11 October).

The Sexual Harm Prevention order will prevent Oladimeji from performing or being present in treatment rooms while treatments are being performed.

He had been found guilty of sexual assault by penetration following a trial at the same court on 6 September.

The court heard how Oladimeji worked as a beauty therapist at a clinic in Peckham.

On 12 October 2017, a woman aged in her 20s attended the clinic for a treatment. During this treatment while she lay on the treatment table, Oladimeji sexually assaulted her.

She kicked out at him and left the clinic.

Oladimeji then called her and apologised for his behaviour – the woman recorded this call and reported the matter to police.

Oladimeji was arrested on 14 October and denied the allegation; during further interview after being played the recording of his phone call to the woman, he refused to answer any questions.

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