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Naira Scarcity: Trending Video of Bank Serves Free Soft Drinks To Customers Waiting For Cash

Customers operating an account with a popular bank have been pacified with soft drinks amid the worsening naira scarcity situation.

Following the recent violence that have characterised disgruntled customers visitation of banks, Fidelity decided to serve its customers drinks free of charge likely to calm them down.

A video making the rounds online shows officials arriving with packs of drinks and distributing it to people waiting to get cash in the banking hall.

A customer who filmed the scene referred to it as a sort of bribe to stop them from going berserk or causing chaos.

Watch the video below:


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thrift_scents_ng; They are using it to calm you people down 😂😂 so you people won’t show them crazy

jay_wande; They drinking the coke so they can have strength to fight. These ones don’t know what’s loading after the coke.

soloblinkz; The fear of running from the back door, is the beginning of Soft drink, abeg find me gala😂😂💔


damifee; The coke sef no still chilled 😂😂 if na me I go increase my anger towards them cos how dare you serve me coke wey no cold 😂😂

officialg.o; You’re about to be charged from your account, HUMAN/CUSTOMER MAINTENANCE not 🏧 maintenance ☻️

teeto__olayeni; Na like this dem politicians sef dey do… Abeg you people with everything you cherish,abeg vote right. Vote for the betterment of every citizen, not just your pocket

m_sheila; After drinking don’t complain about debit from your account oh 😂

mr_aboobae; Stupid pacifier , give them the money they came to collect , coke no be their problem.

thetomiway; It’s not cold. Give us cold coke or we don’t want 🤣

funkybusyt; To help dem through deir shege banza phase 🙄

asa_na_igbo_1; Inukwa…..Nigerians Sef get Longthroat……I don’t see the reason why you all Crying foul of No Cash Should Collect That Drink…. Focus on what you Came for…..Ndi Usa….Mtcheeeeew 😏😏😏😏😏

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