MTN XtraCash: How to get a loan on MTN

Borrow money from MTN with your MTN Diamond yello account and receive instant cash.

MTN Cash Loan Review

Mtn Xtra Cash loan offers you a convenient and instantaneous way to get a cash loan for MTN existing Diamond Yello subscribers.

The loan can be used to pay bills, purchase goods, P2P transfers, buy airtime and cash out, from your mobile phone.

How To Qualify For MTN XtraCash Loan

To get qualified for the mtn loan, you need to be an existing customer and meet the following terms:

  1. You must be above the age of 18 years old
  2. Be an existing Diamond Yello Account customer. To become one, you can Dial *701# to open an account now
  3. To be a regular user of your wallet and Airtime account
  4. Have no negative repayment history with XTRACASH
  5. Have no outstanding loans with XTRACASH
  6. Customer who have an existing open loan should not be able to borrow again
  7. Customers must be advised that repayment of the loaned amount will be automatically recovered from the Diamond Yello Account on the loan maturity date.
  8. Customers must also be advised that they can initiate an early repayment of the loans
  9. In case of a partial payment, the service recovers the fee first then the principal
  10. Any unpaid loans after the maturity date shall automatically be extended for another month.

Customers shall be informed of this condition when the loan is confirmed and in a reminder SMS. This will also be included in the T&C of the service.

Mtn Cash Loan Interest Rates

MTN Xtracash Loan interest charged fee is 15% on the 30 day loan.

How Much Can You Borrow From MTN Xtracash

The loan amount varies and depends on your Diamond yello account usage and airtime usage.

The loan amount you qualify for will be disclosed during the loan application process.

The loan amounts that are available to you will continue to increase as you pay back each loan on time, every time.

How To Apply For MTN Xtracash Loan With Code

To apply, simply dial *606# from your handset and select the XtraCash option. Also you can access the service by dialing the short code *606*4#.

How To Check Your MTN Loan Balance

To check balance, simply dial *606# from your handset and select the ’XtraCash balance’ option.

You will also receive SMS reminders with the outstanding loan amount prior to settlement.

How To Open A Diamond Yello Account For Mtn Xtracash Loan

Well, one of the eligibility of borrowing money from MTN is to have an MTN Diamond Yello Account which you can easily open by dialing *710#.

Now you can borrow data from MTN using
xtrabyte, borrow airtime using xtratime and now borrow money using MTN xtracash.

This article show how to borrow money from MTN with code and receive instant cash loan.

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