Meet Oliver Daemen, the youngest person ever to reach space

Oliver Daemen just made history as the youngest person to travel to space.

Daemen, who is currently 18, was Blue Origin’s first paying customer – he bid for the seat at an auction last month, ultimately losing out to an anonymous bidder who paid $28 million for the opportunity. But Daemen is flying in that passenger’s place after “scheduling conflicts” arose, Blue Origin said in a blog post on Thursday.

Who is Oliver Daemen

Oliver Daemen Biography
Oliver Daemen

According to Blue Origin, Oliver graduated from high school in 2020 and took a gap year to acquire his private pilot’s licence. He will continue his studies, starting September this year, at the University of Utrecht in the field of physics and innovation management.

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Oliver is the son of millionaire Joes Daemen, who is the founder and CEO of the Dutch investment company Somerset Capital Partners.

Blue Origin described Oliver as its “first paying customer”, which marks the onset of commercial operations for the space tourism program.

Oliver’s father was a runner-up in the online auction, for which 7,600 people, from 159 countries, had registered. However, he was offered the final seat after the winning bidder dropped out. He then decided to fly his son, who, according to the company, has been “fascinated by space, the Moon, and rockets since he was four”.

The company, however, did not reveal how much Daemen paid for his son’s trip to space, which is estimated to last for nearly 11 minutes.

The winning bidder, who chooses to remain anonymous, had offered to pay $28 million to be on the trip into space, but pulled out due to “scheduling conflicts”

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