Married Man Get Stucked While Having Rough Sex with his Landlady (photos)

A couple was on Friday found ‘stuck’ while having illicit sex in a hotel room in Kitale town. The man and woman had locked themselves in a room at Baraka hotel, but soon after started shouting out for help from the hotel’s management.

Allafrica reports that the man’s wife indicated that he lives in Lodwar town with his family but has business interests in Kitale town.

His lover is reportedly his landlady in Lodwar.

The wife told police that she had noticed a pattern of the landlady’s disappearance whenever her husband had business engagements in Kitale.

The coincidences made her begin suspecting of a possible love affair between the two. She even had a fight with her husband after she confessed of her suspicions.

Frustrated by her husband’s refusal to stop his cheating ways, the wife contacted a witch doctor who helped her set up a trap that led to the dramatic scenes that unfolded on Friday.

The businessman and his lover had locked themselves in the hotel room unaware of the wife’s schemes. Moments later, they began howling for help. They were found ‘stuck’ while having sex.

The hotel’s management immediately contacted police who came and whisked the ‘stuck’ couple to the police station. The man’s wife also mysteriously showed up at the police station within minutes.

A surging crowd forced the police to fire in the air as they relocated the couple to a secret location where the witch doctor separated them.

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