Man shares how ‘evil spirit’ came out of the runs girl he was sleeping with after he mistakenly cut her waist bead (Video)

A Nigerian man on Twitter has warned men to stay away from prostitutes popularly called ‘runs girls’ in Nigeria, following a mysterious experience as seen in a video which has gone viral on social media showing a young lady who was alleged to have been possessed by demons.

He shared a disturbing video of a lady who seems to be under some sort of exorcism after her main source of ‘power’ has been destroyed, the man could be heard commanding the supposed spirit or demon to leave the lady’s body.

Information gathered from the video is that the man in the video and a hooker he took home were having a romp when he mistakenly ripped off her waist bead and it led to her manifesting the ‘spirits ’ on the inside of her.

Watch the video HERE

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