Iya Gbonkan Biography, Net Worth, Real Name, Age, Wiki, State, Husband, Witch

Is Iya Gbonkan A witch? Iya Gbonkan is a household name when it comes to Yoruba movies. From being the wicked leader of the occult to the terrific mother who sucks off the blood of her own children in movies, Iya Gbonkan’s delivery of her special roles has remained intriguing and daring till today.

Iya Gbonkan Profile

Name Iya Gbonkan
Real Name Margaret Bamidele Olayinka
Date of Birth 14th September, 1958
Age 63 years old
State of Origin Oyo State
Nationality Nigerian
Religion Christian
Profession Nollywood actress
Husband N/A
Net Worth $50,000

Iya Gbonkan Biography, Net Worth, Husband, Age, Wiki, State of Origin, Is Iya Gbonkan A witch

Iya Gbonkan Biography

Iya Gbonkan real name Margaret Bamidele Olayinka (born 14th September, 1958) in Itesiwaju LGA, in Otu town of Oyo State. Her own mother is a native of Iseyin in the same state (Oyo).

Her father was a trader in Ibadan and she is also the only child her mother had for her father.

Iya Gbokan Age

As at the time of writing this article, we can confirm that the veteran actress is 63 years old.

Iya Gbonkan Biography, Net Worth, Husband, Age, Wiki, State of Origin, Is Iya Gbonkan A witch

Iya Gbokan Career

The name Iya Gbonkan is an household name; a name that draws applause throughout Nollywood. But how did the name Iya Gbonkan came into being?

Iya Gbonkan came into the spotlight in the early 70s, her first set of acting career was recorded during the evergreen legendary IFA OLOKUN’s TV series by Pa Yemi Elebu’bon.

Her stage name came from one of her most popular movies in which she [like on many occasions before and after that] acted as a callous leader of an occult.

In the movie, she was portrayed as a witch and a mother who fed on the blood of her children. She nailed the character and has since been nicknamed Iya Gbonkan ever since.

Iya Gbonkan had featured in many evergreen movies of the times, and she had partaken in the many TV series. Her natural physique aided and befitted all her roles as a weird sister. With her look, she needed no further costume to act a gnome or to appear like a female demon.

Iya Gbonkan got her major breakthrough in the productions of Yekini Ajileye. All Alhaji Ajileye’s movies are known for their richness in revealing the secrets of the realm of the occult.

Is Iya Gbonkan a witch

Is Iya Gbonkan A Witch?

Iya Gbonkan is still hale and hearty. We wish her more years on earth. But funnily enough, Iya Gbonkan is just playing a role she knows how to do best in her chosen career, She is not a witch in real life.., there’s nothing to fear about her, it is just a role she had to play. Acting such a role has not only brought her fame, but it has also given her some negative experience.

Iya Gbonkan acting prowess can best be portrayed among her movie colleagues like Olori Abioye, Oyibiyi, Ogunjimi and Iya Abeni Agbon, these tv-cinema giants were capable of turning the broad daylight into a complete darkness.

Iya Gbonkan Husband, Daughter, Son, Twins

Who is Iya Gbonkan husband? Iya Gbonkan’s husband,  daughter, son, twins official information is unavailable as at time of writing this post. This page will get updated when available.

In a recent interview, Iya Gbonkan also talked about how she was almost forced by the witches to join their coven.

“After shooting Yekini Ajileye’s Koto Orun, we were all confronted with different challenges. About 5 days after the production, i was sleeping and some people started flogging me in my dream. I was flogged mercilessly. They asked me how i got to know how witches behave. Thank God my husband was still alive as at that time. if not for him, i would have died. About three days after the incident, she asked me to join their witch coven. They tried persuading me to join the coven” She said…

Iya Gbonkan Son

In other news, A man identified as Asiwaju Lerry took to Twitter to reveal that Yoruba actress, Margaret Bandele Olayinka popularly known as Iya Gbonkan is his grandmother.

His revelation has drawn massive reactions on Twitter.

The young man took to Twitter and shared a photo of himself with Iya Gbonkan and introduced her as his grandma.

Iya Gbokan Net Worth

How much is Iya Gbonkan worth? Iya Gbonkan is worth $50,000 US Dollars.

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