It’s Unwise To Date A Yahoo Boy, They Have No Future – Nigerian Lady Says (Watch Video)

A young Nigerian lady has said she can never date an internet scammer, popularly called Yahoo Boy.

She said Yahoo boys do not have future because their survival is dependent on ripping someone of their hard earned cash.

She wondered which lady in her right senses would be comfortable being in a relationship with boys that are into Yahoo Yahoo.

The lady said this while being asked who she would prefer to date between a working class man or one who does cyber fraud.

In a video posted online, she argued that a man with a legitimate, regular job has a promising future unlike those who make money fraudulently.

She further explained that she sees men with normal jobs as responsible people unlike Yahoo Boys who just make some money and spend it lavishly on exotic cars and other things.

Watch her speak below:

Read some comments..

admiral_fimihan; You can already tell that most people in this comment are yahoo boys

cutebieber1; Yahoo boi don break this one heart to pieces

papayafc231; She’s spitting fact tho 😂😂

yolopounds_; Tag this lady make we donate swear for her

chiflex_65; Na this kind girl I Dey find no be all this shaky shaky girls way full area now na only to carry iPhone for hand and wear new designer be there achievement for life

fiji_pisces; Na monthly salary him go use secure your future 😂 but good choice shaa

ola_wan_dah; When working class they beg him friend for Dubai mah them give him update 😂😂😂 this girl just day play 😂

cheyennegregory212; How person wan buy car and house with 50k per month job…stop yahoo look for job…if e no clear go open your dictionary 🤌🏿😂

youngest1886; Just Dey play Werey

amakamylover; Protect her .😌

haryor_dele1′ Dey play 🤣 If you find out well, all her ex na yahoo boi… Dem don break her heart paa.

engr.peterohai; Firstly not the fault of some. They scam the first six zeros and above which is their ever first zeros after many nights awake and data investment. Their mind becomes unstable out of excitement and the only thing that comes to mind is squandering the money in the most unproductive way that looks productive to a lot of them. But when the funds now get to the region of lower concentration as it loses their concentration in their account blocked ideas begin to come but it’s too late. So no investment while some the only idea is opening “boutiques”.

Now after 3-6 months of enjoyment they are back again staying awake with those that just started. If there was am initial plan and the essence of them becoming scammers was genuinely defined, after the first block cash out, food, and investment then take hands off. But no. Many never retire, they are forced by EFCC, NDLEA, NPF, or even their unlearned colleagues after ripping each other.

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