Ibrahim Munir Cause of Death? How Did Muslim Brotherhood Leader Die Revealed

Ibrahim Munir, the interim leader of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, passed away in the UK at the age of 85.

How Did Ibrahim Munir Die?

Munir died on Friday morning at his house in London, where he had been living in exile, according to the group. Following the detention of the Brotherhood’s chairman Mohammed Badie in 2013 and his deputy Mahmoud Ezzat in 2020, Munir assumed leadership of the organization that year.

He was imprisoned twice in Egypt in the 1950s and 1960s for his activism and had lived in exile for most of the past 40 years.

Ibrahim Munir Cause of Death

It is believed that Munir died naturally at his home. According to the statement, Ibrahim Munir cause of death is natural causes. There is no information about his illness or health conditions.

Munir died on the morning of October 4, 2022, at his house in London at the age of 85. He passed away at his home peacefully.

Who is Ibrahim Munir?

Ibrahim Munir was born in Giza, Egypt, on June 1st, 1937. His full name is Mustafa Ahmed Ibrahim Munir. After the attempted assassination of Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser in the 1950s, he joined the Muslim Brotherhood at a young age and was given a life term in jail.

After being freed in 1975, Munir traveled to the Persian Gulf before relocating to the UK in the early 1980s. His request for political asylum was approved.

Compounding the Brotherhood’s difficulties, evolving Middle East diplomacy has seen two nations that have granted asylum to Brotherhood followers in the last decade – Turkey and Qatar – improve relations with an axis of states devoted to destroying the organization – Egypt, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

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