How To Talk To A Girl You Like If You Are Shy

As a man, your shyness could be the reason you are missing out on your bid to be with your dream girl.

However, you can easily beat this set back and approach her with confidence by simply doing the following:

1. Ensure that she is alone

The truth is that if she is in the company of other people, you won’t dare make a move because you are shy.

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Secondly, if you dare, she will invite all her friends into that conversation and you will feel embarrassed. This is when you withdraw. However, if you get to her while alone and not distracted, chances are that she will listen.

2. Make a move as soon as you make eye contact

From personal experience, I noticed that the moment you make eye contact with a person on the first instance, it is easier to spark a conversation, therefore, if you are shy do not buy time but move in at this moment.

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Make sure to introduce yourself and ask questions or talk about interesting things to make sure that the conversation does not die.

3. Acknowledge that you are shy

If you are nervous, keep it in check and just introduce yourself. Keeping your nervousness in check ensures that you remain on top of the game and kick out shyness.

4. Do not anticipate anything

When you are approaching a new girl, do not overthink. Do not assume that she is going to reject you. This negative thinking could be a hindrance to you making a move. Therefore, ensure that you are strong enough to be lively without expectations.

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