How Smartphones Have Changed The Way We Live


There will not be a time when technology comes along and doesn’t make an impact on daily life. However, there aren’t many forms of tech akin to smartphones that have actually changed how we live. Nowadays, smartphones are used every day and multiple times by people going about their business, with their impact felt in many areas of life.

  • Communication

We’re kicking off our list of how smartphones have changed the way we live with the obvious pick: communication. Smartphones have undoubtedly revolutionised how people communicate. We’ve gone from phone calls and text messages to instant messaging on the move using services such as Whatsapp, where pictures, videos, files, gifs and more can be sent. We’re also more likely now to communicate via images and videos than ever before, thanks to apps such as Instagram and Snapchat.

  • Convenience

Everyone wants their daily life to have an adequate level of convenience, right? But would that be possible without smartphones? We think not. Smartphones are the piece of technology that has increased the convenience levels tenfold, allowing people to flourish in other areas. For example, there is no longer the need to be at the office for a meeting thanks to apps such as Zoom. You can write and send emails from your smartphone too. People can be on the go and do things on their terms, rather than having to go out of their way.

  • Entertainment

Believe it or not, smartphones have changed entertainment. And arguably, the way we consume entertainment has been influenced the most. So, for example, people aren’t heading to their local gaming venues as much nowadays; they are instead, using trusted mobile casino apps to play their favourite content on-demand. They’re not logging onto YouTube as much via a desktop or laptop; they’re using the YouTube app and watching content on the go and whenever it’s convenient for them. It’s why so many services now have bespoke apps or mobile optimised platforms.

  • Shopping

Shopping has undergone some radical changes over the years. First, there was the introduction of shopping online via desktop PCs and laptops, and then things took off thanks to smartphones. A prime example of this is being able to move a slider across the screen on the Amazon app to purchase something. It takes seconds, which again plays into the whole idea of smartphones making life much more convenient. It doesn’t matter what you want to buy or which type of shopping you plan on doing; smartphones have you covered. You can even do your weekly grocery shop while on the train.

There are many other areas where smartphones have changed daily life, such as banking and fitness, but those mentioned above have proven to be essential over the years. And one thing is for sure, as technology advances, so will smartphones’ impact the future, which can only be good news for fans of convenience and multi-tasking.

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