How Can I Get Smooth And Glowing Skin? 20 Amazing Home Remedies

We all have only one skin, it’s the largest organ of our body and it is our job to take good care of it. While in our youth we never thought twice about sleeping with our makeup on, we all know better by now. One skin problem that is sure to ruin your look is dry and dull skin.

Dull skin is can make you look tired and older than you are, and it’s definitely missing the glow.

So what can we do about it? There are plenty of expensive spa treatments that specifically target dull skin, but we prefer to take the home-made, natural approach. Treating your dull skin at home is a great way to not only save a few bucks but also have more control over your skin care. With natural home remedies you are one step closer to a fully customised skin care routine that can be bent to fit your needs. Here are some of the best home remedies for dull and dry skin that are sure to give your complexion its bounce and radiance back.

Home Remedies For Dull Skin

Fight the urge

Keeping our skin fresh and youthful comes down to the way we treat it. Most importantly, what we leave on our skin. This is why it is so important to wash your face each night before bed and each morning when you wake up. This is especially true if you wear makeup daily. Makeup is a great way to look like you have everything together, however, you might be doing more harm to your skin than good. While we would certainly never suggest that you give up your favorite glam makeup look, we do highly suggest you take it off each night.

If you worry about harsh makeup removers stripping your skin of important nutrients, try using an oil or water instead. Makeup melting oils or micellar water are a great alternative for you. They remove makeup flawlessly which plumping and hydrating your skin. Even if you have to skip out on exfoliation, this one step alone will help you get your skin back in good graces.

Oil it up

Everyone knows that you need to moisturize your skin daily in order to keep it healthy looking. However, did you know that you have more options than just lotions? Skin oils are a great way to plump and hydrate the skin without adding a layer of film. This is also the perfect alternative for people who have sensitive or acne prone skin. There are tons of skin oils to choose from, but here are some of our favorites:

  • Argan oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Lavender oil

Add a couple of drops of your preferred oil to the palm of your hand and then rub your hands together to warm up the oil and release their scents. Next, press the oil into your skin in an upward motion. Try not to rub the oil, you want to firmly press it into your skin so that it penetrates you pores.

Brightening scrub

Lemons will not only add some brightness to your tea, but to your face as well! The vitamins and acids in lemon juice do an amazing job of brightening your skin while also adding in some serious nutrients. One of our favorite ways to utilize lemons is to use them in an all-in-one handy scrub. Take a large ripe lemon and cut it in half. Carefully remove the seeds and then grab some organic honey and raw sugar. On one small plate pour a thin layer of your honey and on another plate, place a thin layer of sugar.

Dip the cut side of the lemon into the honey and then into the sugar. Next, holding the lemon from the end, swirl the cut side of lemon, now covered in honey and sugar, on your face in circular motions. The sugar will help to flake away dead and dull skin while the honey works as an anti-bacterial agent that will help to heal and soften your skin. The real star is the lemon juice that will leave your skin looking brighter and healthier.

Oatmeal treatment

Oatmeal is one of those ingredients that have been helping people with skin problems for decades. From the oatmeal baths for itchy skin to oatmeal shampoos for dandruff; oatmeal has your skin covered. To utilize oatmeal to treat your dull skin, grab a ½ of a cup of rolled oats and a tablespoon of honey. Next, add in a couple drops of lavender oil and a touch of water until your have a thick, yet spreadable consistency. After you cleanse your face, use this mixture as a skin targeting scrub using your fingertips as your tool. Make sure to focus on areas that collect a lot of dry skin like around your nose or on your chin. This treatment works best when done once a week.

Overnight hydrating treatment

Our skin tends to do its best work when we are least paying attention because we are sleeping. Some experts even think that our skin is 5 times more likely to soak in nutrients and moisture while we are sleep. This is one of the reasons why overnight treatments are a great option for people who are suffering from dull skin. While you can find plenty of treatment sin beauty stores, its far more fun to make your own. Best of all, you can completely customize it to fit your needs. Here is our favorite!

Start out with 1 tablespoon of shea butter and 1 teaspoon of rose water. Mix the two together and then add in a couple drops of tea tree oil. Mix together until smooth and then lather onto your clean face and hit the bed! The best part is there is no need to rinse this treatment. Your skin will soak in all of the much need moisture and leave you with smooth and awaken skin.

Cucumber spray

Cucumbers always seemed to be paired with luxury skin care. Maybe its because we see all of those fancy spa treatments being capped with cucumbers on the eyes. However, it is much more than just trendy kitsch. Most of a cucumbers mass is made up of water which makes it the perfect delivery system of moisture to your skin. One great way to use cucumber everyday to combat dull skin is to make a toner. Start with a small mason jar and fill it up ¾’s of the way with purified water. Next, add in slices of cucumber and some rose hip oil. Leave the water to infuse over night and then transfer to a clean spray bottle and you are ready to tone each day!

Switch out your routine

Sometimes it can be easy to forget that our skin is a living and breathing thing. This means that in some capacity it has a memory. This is especially true when it comes to the products we use daily. Your skin may be experiencing some temporary dullness due to the fact that it has adjusted too well to your skincare routine. It also should be said that there are certain things that can cause our skin to behave differently. One of the most common reasons is age. You may find that your once oily skin has dried up or that your perfectly clear skin is facing a plague of acne. Whatever the case, it is important to keep your skin guessing. Try switching up your everyday products for ones that specifically target dry and dull skin. Finding the right routine for your skin is a lot of trial and error. So, stay the course and be patient!

Coconut moisture

If you are like most beauty and skin enthusiasts, you know that coconut oil can be a lifesaver From removing makeup to treating breakouts; coconut oil has your back. But, did you also know that it makes one heck of a daily moisturizer? This is because coconut oil is one of those natural oils that won’t clog your pores so what you will get is nourishing moisture with no irritation. It should be noted, however, that coconut oil needs a little extra time to sink into your skin so make sure to allow it to full soak in and do its magic before applying makeup over the top.

Banana honey mask

Finding a great skin treatment that not only will help put an end to dull skin as well as give you some much needed TLC spa time can be tricky. However, with this banana honey mask, you are doing just that. To get your banana smoothie on grab these few items and get ready to glow:

  • 1 Medium overly ripe banana
  • 1 Tbs organic honey
  • ½ Tsp cinnamon

Start by mashing your banana with a fork and then add in your other ingredients to a bowl. Spread evenly over your face making sure to focus on the dry spots and leave to sit for 30 minutes. The banana will soften dull skin while the honey will help keep it purified. The real star is the cinnamon which helps with blood flow which will reduce dryness and inflammation.

Grain scrub

The best way for you to get rid of those pesky dry patches on your dull skin is with a good scrub. Making your own scrub at home is a great way to customize your skin needs while still staying true to the natural side of things. This grain scrub is great at not only breaking up those dry patches but also removing impurities and helping your skin glow from within. Start by taking a ½ cup of rice and placing in a food processor. The rice should be dry and uncooked. Next, drizzle in some olive oil and add in some rose water and pulse until the mixture is incorporated but still has some grit. Use your fingertips to work the mixture into your skin and rinse with cool water. You can even make a batch ahead of time because this scrub is gentle enough to use up to twice a week!

Potato patch treatment

The enriched nutrients in potatoes not only soften dull patches on your skin but also helps to reduce the appearance of darkness as well as brighten up your overall complexion. Start by taking one starchy rustic potato and slice it into rounds. Next, soak the potato slices in lemon juice and purified water for at least an hour and then prep your skin by washing it. Take the potato slices and places them on the areas of your skin that need some much need hydration and brightening boost. Lay back and let this root vegetable do the work. Leave on for up to 20 minutes than rinse with warm water.

Move your body!

Sometimes fixing dull skin isn’t as easy as finding a lotion that works for you. The way our skin behaves has a lot to do with how our body behaves. One reason why you may be experiencing dull skin more than normally is because you are not moving your body enough. When we are still for too long, our blood doesn’t circulate as efficiently as it needs to. Your blood has to circulate to all the areas of your body which if you’re not moving enough can leave our faces at the tail end of that journey. So, get up and move. Move more than just your body as well! Try doing simple face stretches to get that blood flowing so you can get your glow back.

Moisture in moisture out

Remembering something as simple as drinking water escapes us all. However, it is so important when it comes to the way our skin looks. Sometimes when our skin gets extremely dull it is screaming at us to hydrate not only our face but our body as well. Drinking water can seem like an absolute chore but there are ways to amp up your water game to keep you on track. Best of all, these ways will also amp up your skins moisture which is a major win-win! Try infusing your water with some lemon and mint. Not only does it taste absolutely amazing, it will also help to brighten your skin. Not a fan of mint? Give a cucumber and lemon combination a try. Infused waters are a great way to add some fun into drinking ordinary water while also helping to keep our faces bright and youthful.

Face massage

If you’re looking to up your skin’s blood circulation while also treating yourself to an at home spa, try giving an oil face massage a try. While it is obviously more fun with a partner, doing it yourself is totally okay as well! You will want to start off with your favorite face oil. We prefer to use Jojoba oil because it is rich and luxurious feeling and will help to melt away the stress from the day. You can warm up the oil perfectly in the palm of your hand of you can even warm it up by dropping the bottle in a cup of warm water for a few minutes. You want to make sure the oil is warm and not hot because you will burn your skin. Next lay back and start to work the oil in circular motions starting at your t-zone. This will not only improve circulation which is great for revitalizing skin, it will also soften dry patches and leave your skin glowing like the sun.

Take care

Speaking of the sun, you need to make sure you are keeping your skin safe from the giant fiery ball in the sky. Treating your skin with care when it comes to exposing it to the environment can make all the difference between skin that bounces and skin that is becoming duller. You should always make sure to wear a layer of sunscreen under your daily moisturizer before leaving the house. Even with the winter months around the corner, it is still important to protect yourself. When there is too much sun exposure, your skin is more prone to sun damage which can cause your skin to become lifeless and dull. So, take the extra time to take care of your skin, it’s the only one you got.

DIY cleanser

Did you know that you can make your own cleanser at home? Many cleansers will dry out your skin because they are packed with alcohols and additives that are not doing our skin any favors. So, why not make your own? With glycerin, the options are endless. Our favorite home-made facial cleanser is meant to not only target dull skin but also can help heal problems like cystic acne that may be a result of dry and dull skin. Start out with 1 cup of glycerin and add in plenty of drops of clove oil and a splash of rose water. Clove is a great natural way to clear the skin while rose water offers plenty of hydration. Make sure to make this soap in large batches because your friends will be asking you why your skin looks so good.

Turmeric face treatment

While once regarded as a spice primarily saved for Indian dishes, turmeric has now been making some serious waves in the beauty world. It not only works to soften skin but also does a great job of removing impurities like dead skin and brightening the skin naturally from within. When combined with yogurt, turmeric becomes one amazing treatment for dull skin. Start off with plain Greek yogurt and strain through a cheesecloth to remove excess water. This way you are getting all of the proteins but none of the unneeded weight. Next, add in 1 Tsp of turmeric and mix until the yogurt becomes slightly yellow. Apply to dry clean skin and let sit for up to 15 minutes. Remember that turmeric can stain the skin so start slow when trying out a turmeric treatment for the first time.

Vitamin E boost

Vitamin E is a great way to elevate your existing skin care routine. With the colder months on their way, our skin will naturally be drier which can lead to dullness. So, fight back against those harsh cold wins with a vitamin E skin boost! You can find concentrated vitamin E oil in most health stores and these convenient droppers is a great way to adjust your skin’s moisture. Simply add a few drops of the oil to your everyday moisturizer and apply as normal. Your skin will become plumper and brighter in no time.

Ultra-almond scrub

What is better than one almond treatment? Two, of course! With this super almond scrub, you will not only be killing off dead and dull skin once and for all, you will also be strengthening and toning your skin with an extra boost of protein. Start by taking a handful of raw almonds and place them in a food processor. Gently pulse while adding in almond oil a few drops at a time until you have a gritty paste. This paste works an amazing exfoliant for skin that is 100% natural and amazingly effective.

Aloe Vera juice

Drinking a healthy glass of Aloe Vera juice is a great way to energize your skin first thing in the morning and give it some serious glow without looking greasy. We are certainly not suggesting you forgo your morning cup of coffee, however, adding Aloe Vera juice in the mix can give you some beautiful results. One glass of juice each morning will not only hydrate your body but will add some amazing nutrients into your daily routine which can keep your skin looking youthful and re-surge the plumpness that your skin may be missing.

Wrapping it up!

Beauty is only skin deep is a nice saying, but not always accurate. There are often times much more going on below surface which can dictate exactly how our skin learns and behaves. One sign that our skin might need some help is dullness. Luckily for you, you now have the perfect tips and tricks you need to give dull skin its final curtain call. So, get out there and let your skin do the shining work for you. Good luck.

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