Hollywood Stars That Love Playing Games

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Stars, they’re just like us. You might not even be aware of how many famous people also like to spend their free time playing all sorts of games. From first-person shooters to casino games, all sorts of genres are popular among the Hollywood elite. So, who are some of these names that are just as addicted to gaming as we are? Read on.

Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson – who was just awarded the Academy Honorary Award – has not only starred in countless films and TV shows, which made him the highest-grossing live-action actor of all time, but he has also lent his voice to many video games such as Iron Man 2, GTA: San Andreas, Afro Samurai, and the LEGO Star Wars games. Moreover, he also likes to play games in his free time and has talked about his love for Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty in the past.

Daniel Craig

James Bond himself is another fan of video games. However, he steers clear of super-violent ones like GTA: Vice City as he gets bored quite quickly of stealing cars. On the other hand, he does like Halo, seeing as how shooting aliens is much more harmless.

Megan Fox

It’s not just men that enjoy video games. Megan Fox, the star of Jennifer’s Body and the Transformers franchise, also loves Halo: Reach. In 2011, she said that she was completely addicted and it’s fun because other players don’t know they’re playing against her. She also likes Mortal Kombat while in 2021, she faced off against DJ Khaled in a game of Fortnite.

Olivia Munn

Another lady that’s publicly declared her love of gaming is Olivia Munn. The new mom loves Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Halo, and the Assassin’s Creed franchise. Furthermore, as Rock Band is one of her favorites, she will definitely have something to play with her son once he gets a bit bigger.

Will Arnett

The star of Arrested Development and voice of LEGO Batman is another gamer. Will Arnett considers himself to be an avid Call of Duty player. Moreover, he also did voice work on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Plus, he played video games with other celebs during the 2015 Xbox series Game Chat.

Christian Bale

Perhaps a bit more famous Batman – Christian Bale also thinks of video games as a lifetime passion. He often talks about how he loved playing Super Mario as a child and couldn’t sleep until he finished it. Of South African origin, he is certainly not the only South African that enjoys both video and casino games.

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According to experts from Onlinecasinosonline.co.za, casino games are on the rise because the internet is more available and because the players can enjoy free spins and bonuses when playing their favorite games.

Brad Pitt

While Brad Pitt had many memorable roles, the one from Ocean’s 11 is known by most people. After he got the role, Pitt started preparing by learning more about gambling and gained a new passion in life. In addition to poker and blackjack, he also enjoys playing online slots. Even though he never gambled before playing Rusty, now he plays as long as he can.

George Clooney

Pitt’s co-star in the Ocean’s series, George Clooney is another fan of casino games. His interest in these games was so large that he even intended to build a casino in Las Vegas. However, the establishment was never constructed and Clooney will have to stick to other land-based casinos and online games to satisfy his needs.

Ben Affleck

The fourth Batman on our list, Ben Affleck is also big on gambling and could oftentimes be found at a blackjack table. However, at some point, it appears that this love turned into an addiction and he was banned from several top-notch casinos, which resulted in him looking for professional help. As no incidents happened since it’s safe to say that he has it under control and plays online games on a regular basis.

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Paris Hilton

Another staple of Vegas casinos is Paris Hilton. This businesswoman, heiress, DJ, and everything else you can think of has no problem dropping tens of thousands of dollars during one trip to Sin City. However, she is also known for playing various online casino games, which have been more accessible than ever since the pandemic started.

Jennifer Tilly

When it comes to casino games, we cannot overlook Jennifer Tilly. She has mastered everything from slot machines to poker and can brag about several million-dollar-worth winnings. Not only a professional poker player, but Tilly is also an online wagering expert and enjoys the classic online slots with three reels.

Robin Williams

Finally, here is a lovely fact for the end. Robin Williams, the beloved actor who passed away in 2014, was a big fan of Nintendo games. As a matter of fact, his daughter Zelda was named after the title character of The Legend of Zelda.

These are just a few names that share our passion for gaming. Who are your favorite stars that also like to play video and casino games?

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