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He Embarrasses Me At Work – Lady Cries Out Over Her 31-yr-old Husband’s Developing Baldness

A 28-year-old nurse has bemoaned the loss of hair being suffered by her husband who is a 31-year-old teacher.

She said that he started developing baldness six years after marriage and because she does not see herself with with a bald husband, she wants to leave him.

The lady revealed that she has begun to deny him conjugal rights because the sight of his hair is very uncomfortable.

According to her, the hair loss started last year with a little patch at the bak of his head and it has become worse to the extent that she feels embarrassed whenever he visits her at the office.

The woman sought advice from social media users because she is having difficulty adjusting to the current reality.

She said; “I am a 28 year old nurse married to a teacher who is 31 now. I feel my life is now shuttered! In my life I never imagined marrying a man with a bald head. It is a quality I don’t like seeing. From childhood I hated bald headed men with passion.

But now life has become unfair to me. Six years after getting married, my husband has started losing hair. It started as a joke last year, a small spot at the back which had now become so visible for every one to see.

I am so annoyed with this man to the extent that i now refuse to meet with him in bed. Worse, i feel embarrassed and very uncomfortable when he visits me at my place of work. I am thinking of leaving him. I can’t bare the shame of being with a bald headed husband. Please advise.”

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