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What To Take To Poly Ede Post UTME Exam Center – Requirements

What to take to Ede Poly post utme center – Requirements

A few days from now, you would be sitting to ascertain your fate whether you will be crowned as a student of the Federal polytechnic Ede or not, now the big question is; “are you ready!” Well, our support here at Ngnews247 still continues and today I will show you what to take to the center/ requirements for Ede Poly post utme exam 2021/2022.

While the deal day draws nearer, a lot of candidates who have successfully registered are scared of their fate.

First, let me shake that fear off.

Ede Poly post utme exam is not as difficult as most people think.

Imagine, this is the same exam that thousands of students who are already students in the Polytechnic took.

If they made it, then you have no excuse, perhaps you can make it too.

According to Abraham Lincoln, if you are given 6 hours to chop down a wood, you need to spend 4 hours to sharpen your axe.

In a nutshell, the amount of your preparation for the exam really matters more than anything else.

Don’t let the fear of passing weigh you down because a lot of students have written the same exam with huge success, and they are humans like we all are.

The only cause of failure is when you lack information and effective preparation.

For this, the Ngnews247 has published a lot of articles that contain A-z information about Ede Poly post utme.

Oh yes! I will give you a summary of these articles in this guide, but first let us discuss the requirements for the exam.

What to take to Ede Poly Post Utme Exam or Screening center.

A lot of candidates probably sitting for the exam will obviously need to know what he/she is expected to take to the exam center.

It is fine to be worried about of all this and yes, that is the recommended step for students who care to succeed.

Against every eventuality, I have to inform you that the Federal Polytechnic Ede post utme screening structure entails you sitting for a 45 minutes exam, rather than just appearing in the center for physical screening; simply put, you are expected to sit for a CBT exam.

Here are the only requirements or things to take to the exam hall.

Note: These applies to students who were schedule for South or North center.

1. Your brain

Let me use this opportunity to remind you this, please don’t forget your brain at home.

This is the most important thing to take along to the exam hall.

“ Ranti ko lo opolo re! Shotigbo?”

2. Your post utme and jamb print out

You need to take a copy of your print out along, it doesn’t matter if it is printed in black and white colour.

In detail, go along with your payment slip, registration slip, and your schedule slip.

Also, it is compulsory to go with your Jamb registration print out.

3. A Pen

You need to go along with a pen as well. Not as if you will be using the pen in the exam hall but just to register your name.

Things you are not allowed to take the exam center.

1. Calculator/eletronic device

Ede Poly does not allow the use of calculator for the exam please don’t go with any calculator.

Your mobile phone should be kept with someone for safety since you cannot take it to the exam hall.

2. Big bags

Anyway, you are expected to just go with yourself and your brain, avoid carrying bags because you don’t need it, just package them somewhere safe.

Required Dress Code for Ede Poly Post Utme.

The Federal Polytechnic Ede is conscientious when it comes to indecency and inappropriate dressing.

To avoid discomposure or anything that will stop you from entering the exam hall dress responsibly when coming.

  • Ladies, avoid heavy make up, as a matter of fact it is just a 45 minute exam, when you leave the hall you can do whatever you like to yourself.
  • To wrap the whole thing, you need to dress and appear like a saint for just the exam period.
  • Avoid tight clothes or any kind of stuff that exposes sensitive part of your body.
  • If you need to tie a wrapper, please do oh! We have wrappers for rent when you come, crazy jeans won’t be allowed.
  • Your hair style should be simple and not club style.
  • Guys, keep your hair low. Don’t carve style and say you are coming to write Poly Ede  post utme because you would be sent back.
  • Please and please! Drop swag when coming for the exam, don’t wear bathroom slippers, don’t wear shots or knickers, don’t wear crazy jeans a sandal or nice pair of shoes will do.
  • Wear a nice T-shirt.

Shotigbo!!!!! Moti sor temi ooo!


What I have shared above is all that is required from you for the exam.

How to sail through in the exam.

Before you leave, let me share one of our best article that will help you blast the exam.

This article contains 100% assured information that will help you pass the exam.

How to prepare and pass Ede Poly post utme “.

Every information about the exam is in the above-linked article.

Do you have any issues with the exam?

If you encounter any Ede Poly post utme issues Click here.

You will find most registration issues and solutions, if you have any issue not discussed submit a comment, and we will get to you on that page.

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